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i'm basically a whole new person + two-a-days

i'm basically a whole new person + two-a-days

Happy Humpday!!! I started the day off strong with a great shoulders and triceps workout.


You guys, I have been absolutely loving my training style/split/schedule- just everything about it. All of my workouts take an hour (or less!), which is incredibly freeing after spending a long time having my training sessions take between 2 and 3 hours. I feel so much more efficient, focused, and productive during them, which is a great feeling. I have much less rest time between sets now, so I spend zero time scrolling through my phone and getting distracted while I am training. Before, I had much more rest between all of my lifts because the loads were much heavier and intense. I would often spend that time scrolling on my phone, and savoring every second of rest I had. Now, it's go-go-go and I am truly "in the moment", which I think definitely has an effect on my overall results. 

Speaking of scrolling, I have been spending a lot less time on the internet in general. Aside from blogging, posting to Instagram, and communicating with my nutrition clients, I am staying offline. I used to read a lot of healthy living blogs, but they have changed so much in recent years and the majority of the posts are advertisements, so I decided to just stop spending that time looking at something that really just doesn't serve me anymore. I have also stopped watching YouTube vlogs (except for my girl Alessandra's of course!), and I completely stopped watching people's "stories" on Instagram. I quit Facebook and Pinterest a long time ago, but I keep "paring down" what I look at online. Those things are truly time-sucks, weren't adding any value to my life, and I simply decided that I didn't want any of more of my time spent there. 

What else have I stopped doing?! So much. I stopped getting eyelashes and stopped getting my nails done. I stopped waking up in the 4 o'clock hour, and now I wake up at 5am on the dot. I used to spend a good 30-40 minutes "waking up" on the couch, having two coffees, and scrolling mindlessly. Now, I decided that sleeping an extra  15-30 minutes longer was more important to me, so I get up at 5, have one coffee, make my shake, put my workout clothes on, and am at the gym at 5:30 when it opens. I have realized that this is a much happier and fulfilling wake-up routine for me.

I have also started training legs and glutes in the afternoon, instead of in the morning. Last week, I did cardio Thursday morning, and instead of waiting until Friday morning to train legs and glutes, I decided to do it on Thursday afternoon. It was perfect. This week, I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon, so I made today a two-a-day: shoulders + triceps in the morning, legs + glutes in the afternoon. Again, it was perfect. My workouts are short enough and FUN enough to make this do-able for me. So, yeah, I'm basically a whole new- and better- version of myself.

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Ok, after all that chatter, here is some of what I ate today 


And now it's time to go have my bedtime meal and snuggle my husband <3 Have a great night!

all about the back + my furry family

all about the back + my furry family