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sweat before sunrise

sweat before sunrise

The sky sure was a pretty as I was leaving the gym this morning... I got a really good sweat in before sunrise to start this beautiful day!


A couple of weeks ago, I talked a bit about how I am basically a whole new person these days. I was thinking more today about how my mornings would go before, compared to how they are now. I would usually wake up at 4:30, sit on the couch and have coffee and scroll through my phone (wasted time) until about 5, then get ready and head out to the garage by 5:15. I would train until somewhere between 7:05 and 7:15, then shower quickly, eat, and head to work. There was a lot of "resting" in those training sessions because of how heavy and taxing they were to my central nervous system, so out of those two hours of training, there was a lot of "down time".

These days, I wake up at 5, have one coffee, head up to brush my teeth and change at 5:12 (for real haha!), and get to the gym when it opens (5:30). This SOUNDS rushed, but it doesn't feel it. I finish my workout and back in my car by 6:35... 6:45 latest if I want to stay and do one more thing with Mike. Pretty much that entire time is time spent training. If you follow me and my workouts on fitlist, you know they are not short ;) Getting my training done quickly and efficiently, and then having time to enjoy my shower and get ready like an adult, without rushing around like a crazy person makes my morning feel extremely productive. My training time has been cut in half and I feel so much better physically and mentally. I feel sore in a good way, not hurt or achey or beat up. I am less tired in general, and I feel relaxed, excited, and never stressed about my workouts. If I want to go get another one done in the afternoon for one reason or another, I do it, and it still feels good. It's just all been good.  


I'm sure you really wanted to know every detail of my morning routine, right?!

Anyways, as a teacher, notes, especially long ones, are usually not good. So this was really nice to get on a Monday morning!


Also, coming in to find a pretty violet from your teacher friend is really nice too!

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Other random news! This weekend's Hallmark movie was mayyyyybe my favorite one ever. Falling for Vermont... if you like happiness, and simple stories like me, watch it! You know how movies are usually happy, then get really bad and stressful for a while- well, I always would turn them off as soon as they turned bad and stressful. With Hallmark movies, the bad part lasts a maximum of 10 minutes, and there is always a happy ending, so I can push through to the end! I have no time to be "entertained" by stress!!


Mike is apparently a plumber now. He is really taking this homeownership thing seriously because he learned how to fix our master bathroom toilet all on his own- without me even asking when it was going to be fixed... I guess we are all changing over here!!


I hope you had a great Monday!



heartbreak, honesty, + happiness

heartbreak, honesty, + happiness