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hit by the bachelorette bus, back day + my GO-TO breads and seasonings

hit by the bachelorette bus, back day + my GO-TO breads and seasonings

Hi there!! My sleep was no bueno last night and blame it 100% on The Bachelorette. I seriously cannot watch or hear about dramatic, ridiculous, FAKE stuff because it truly bothers me, so I am much better off if I avoid it completely. Lesson learned because when Mike woke up at 5:15 this morning, I honestly felt like I had been hit by a bus and there was no way I could get up and function. I laid in bed for another hour and he came and asked me if I was working out with him and I said "No way!" That's how bad I felt.

I did get up, though, had some coffee, answered some emails, and felt better. I was super hungry, so I decided to have a pre-workout meal (rather than just an intra-shake like I normally do when I train right away in the morning) and then head to the gym to do my back and abs workout. I had a protein milkshake in a bowl with 1/2cup of Organic PB Blasts (they're like peanut buttery Kix and so good) and a Funfetti pancake.

I took my time, showered, got dressed, made a pre workout drink with PEScience's cotton candy flavored Prolific, since I already had enough carbs in me, and headed to the gym. I actually had a great workout and felt so much better. Here is what I did:

With the one arm dumbbell rows, I add a 2 second pause at the top of each rep, and with hanging knee raises I try and pause for 3-5 seconds at the top of each rep. I also really focus on the mind-muscle connection and really focus in on the muscles I want working extra hard on each rep of each lift. 

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home for a big stock up, which I always love. I also love that I came home to a sparkling clean house... I am very thankful that I have the cleanest, most OCD husband around!!

Here is some more of what I ate today....

Laundry folding and putting it away is definitely one of the jobs I have to be in the mood for, but I need to get over that! So, today, I played games with myself to help me get it done painlessly! I put on Spotify and broke each task into a song. For example, I told myself to sort the laundry (Mike's/mine/towels, then by type/place it goes in the closet) by the time the first song was over- that was easy. Then, I challenged myself to fold groups of the sorted laundry by the time the next song was over. I kept doing that until everything was folded, put away, and hung nice and neatly. I have issues, but guess what- I got the job done pretty quickly!  

Here are my go-to breads, pitas, and wraps, just in case you're ever looking for them at the store! I choose which one I am going to eat based on a few things. I think about if I need a higher or lower carb option at the time, how filling I want my meal to be, the texture I am in the mood for, and what I am putting on the bread, and then I decide which one I will use!

These are some of my favorite seasonings and what they look like as well! The first three I use on chicken breasts and ground chicken and turkey. The last three I just sprinkle on pretty much anything :)

That's all for today! I hope you had a good one! See you tomorrow :)

How do you get yourself to do jobs you're not totally in the mood to do?!? I'd love to hear your tricks!!!

why i quit drinking alcohol

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never had a friend like her, my new lunchbox, and my kitten craze