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never had a friend like her, my new lunchbox, and my kitten craze

never had a friend like her, my new lunchbox, and my kitten craze

Happy Monday!!! Yesterday was one of my top 3 favorite days this summer for sure...

Mike and I met up with the lovely Alessandra and her husband Josh for a beach day!!!!! It was a beautiful day spent with beautiful friends and we just had tons of fun. Alessandra and I are pretty much the same person on the inside, and I've just never had a friend like her in all my 32 years, so being around her just makes me extremely happy and refreshed, and its like the world makes sense!

I upgraded my FitMark lunch bag for the upcoming school year, since mine was truly bursting at the seams this past year. I bring a lot of drinks and food with me to work, so The Shield LG here, will do the job much better than The Box. We brought it to the beach with us yesterday to break it in and it was perfect!

The sun and fun seriously wore us out yesterday because we went to bed at 8:20 and didn't get up until 6:10 this morning! And I still woke up feeling groggy and drained, but knew that my Monday morning cardio session would wake me up and start my week off on the right foot. I was RIGHT. I left the Y completely soaked and happy. You will see that I was also loving the kitty filter today... I think it is the cutest one, although I am seriously not a cat person!

I had whole wheat waffles and a chocolate protein milkshake when I got home. I did a little bit of work and had a pretty low key, boring morning after that! #finebyme

For lunch, I had Chobani non fat Greek yogurt with raspberries, bananas, blackberries, and frozen blueberries. I like to swirl in some sugar free syrup to sweeten it up, and it is perfection!

Around 1:00, I decided that I was feeling up for my Day 1 lift, which is focused on my chest and biceps. Bo was like WTF are we doing....

He was a good lifting buddy for a little bit, but then he just curled up in the corner and continued his day-sleeping. 100% Robot Dog.

See, I told you I'm really feeling the kitty look today!

After my lift, I made the best meal I have ever made ever. I'm not even exaggerating!! I cooked up ground chicken and added the buffalo rub we use on our baked and grilled chicken. I chopped up some peppers and tomatoes, and boiled instant brown rice in a bag. Everything was done super quick and I measured out what I wanted and arranged it in this beautiful buffalo chicken rice bowl! I added a little Bolthouse Farms ranch yogurt dressing, and seriously it was the best thing I ever ate. The flavors, the textures....perfection, I tell you. 

Mike grilled salmon for dinner because when I think about baked salmon lately, I just want to gag!!! There is this one dish- blackened salmon- at the restaurant down the street that I really love and actually crave, but other than that, I have been avoiding it lately. I made some cauliflower rice and had baby carrots and peppers on the side. The salmon was ok like this, just not my favorite lately!

I had peanut butter and jelly on a half of a piece of Joseph's Lavash bread, and I will have my protein milkshake in a little bit! I hope you had a great day! See you tomorrow :)

hit by the bachelorette bus, back day + my GO-TO breads and seasonings

hit by the bachelorette bus, back day + my GO-TO breads and seasonings

warning: i'm totally bragging

warning: i'm totally bragging