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the purplest sky + taco tuesday

the purplest sky + taco tuesday

Hi guys!! This morning's workout started in the garage and then I headed over to the other gym when it opened to finish off training my back and abs!


Mid-lift, I saw the purple-y sky and ran outside to capture this seriously beautiful moment. 


I came home, got ready for work, and had my breakfast out on the deck while breathing in the crisp, cool, fall-ish feeling air. 


The rest of the day at school flew by and I feel more than ready to welcome my new little friends on Thursday!


This afternoon, I put on the "Happy Folk" Spotify channel, and worked in the kitchen. It was such a nice way to wind down and relax, while being productive at the same time. I chopped two huge containers of strawberries, then butterflied chicken breasts, weighed them out, labeled the bags with the weights, and got them in the freezer. We usually end up having chicken for dinner twice a week, so this little bit of preparation saves time, though, and lots of money!


While I was at it, I prepped my food to take with me tomorrow and made dinner before Mike got home. 


For dinner, I had a spinach and tomato taco salad... taco salad Tuesday! Mike had his as soft tacos in the 9 Grain and Chia low carb wraps, which are amazing and I already planned them into my dinner tomorrow night :)


I'm off to relax and have my bedtime snacks- hope you had a great day!

sweat out the sleepiness + a very macro friendly buffalo chicken wrap

sweat out the sleepiness + a very macro friendly buffalo chicken wrap

bright + early, back to school!

bright + early, back to school!