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bright + early, back to school!

bright + early, back to school!

Hello!! This morning started off bright and early!


I hopped out of bed, had a coffee, and headed to the Y to start my week off with a nice sweaty cardio workout. I've talked about how recently, easing into my weeks with a cardio session is really nice, and it continues to be. I climbed and then ran, and was out of there by 6:15! When I got home, I had soaked protein oats, which I had prepped last night along with the rest of my food for the first day back to school.


My school day started out at the beginning of the year assembly, where we listened to the mayor, superintendent, and a student speak. Then, Chad Hymas was the keynote speaker this year, and his story and the message he shared were exactly what they were meant to be- inspirational. You can check out some of his chats on his YouTube channel if you would like...

After that, we headed back to school for a staff meeting and to work in our classrooms getting things ready! It was a good day, and it flew by, so that's a good sign :)


As I mentioned, I do plan out my food for the next day the night before, and I make the meals that I need to take with me for the day so that I have one less (big) thing to worry about in the morning! I plan my meals on my macro tracking app, MyMacros+, which is also what I suggest and encourage my clients to use so that I can see exactly what and how much they are eating when I check up on them. Between training and getting myself ready to go before work, knowing that my nutrition is all set, ready, and on point for the day is a huge, HUGE, help!


For dinner, we had buffalo rubbed grilled chicken with spinach and tomato salad and sautéed zucchini and summer squash. It was so so good. This buffalo rub is probably my favorite thing ever. And tomatoes... I'm still loving tomatoes.


My meals are already all made for tomorrow, my new plants are all watered, and it's time to go relax! I hope you had a great day and I'll see you tomorrow!

the purplest sky + taco tuesday

the purplest sky + taco tuesday

quiet. fun. productivity.

quiet. fun. productivity.