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quiet. fun. productivity.

quiet. fun. productivity.

Hi guys! I hope you had a great weekend- we have been super busy, so let me catch you up! We have been loving taking walks before dinner lately. The weather has been so perfect, and it has just been a nice quiet time for Mike and I to just talk about our days and let the dogs enjoy some extra exercise, so we are definitely making these walks a priority these days. 


Friday was a really fun day! Mike and I went to see Kenny Chesney (a tradition since forever) with our friends. Mike was extra fired up about it this year and made Painkillers (any St. John/USVI lovers out there know what these are :) and brought our Soggy Dollar cups and everything. Like always, the concert was so fun, and now it means it's time to count down to our annual trip to St. John in December!


We got home really really late on Friday night (2am), so I slept until 8 the next morning, but was a complete zombie. Not enough sleep mixed with an extremely busy and tiring (but fun!) day left me on the couch doing client check-ins, and then resting/sleeping for most of the afternoon. 

This morning, I was up at 5 something, though, ready to go! I started my workout in the garage because the other gym wasn't even open yet, and then Mike and I headed there to finish it up. I had an awesome workout, which felt so good after feeling like a corpse yesterday. 

We had yogurt and frozen blueberries post workout, then we were off on a serious mission.


We are having rock laid all around the house (instead of mulch) this coming Friday, so we had to figure out what we wanted to do about landscaping, since we ripped literally everything out and wanted to start from scratch. So, we spent some time at the nursery talking with a lovely landscape designer, who helped us figure it all out. Then, we spent a million dollars and worked from 9-5 planting in the front of the house! We aren't putting any more shrubs anywhere else yet, because we have to plan around the pool!!!! 

On our way to the nursery for the SECOND time, I had a protein shake and a pink lady apple for some quick and easy fuel. 


I will share before, during, and after pictures on Friday once the rock is all laid! We lined the whole walkway with boxwoods (my favorite) and then under the bay window, we have a mixture of different colored flowering shrubs and a little tree. They are my babies and now I have to water dozens of plants each night :)


Bo Bo really loved the yard work today- he got to hang with us outside all day!


As soon as we came in, I made us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on Fold Its because starvation was setting in.


Then we showered up and Mike headed to the grocery store. Then he grilled burgers, I roasted broccoli, and dinner was ready! Team work makes the dream work... really, though, we got so much done today working together like a well oiled landscaping machine :)


Now it's time to relax and watch the Hallmark movie I missed last night! Hope you had a happy Sunday, and I will see you tomorrow night!!

bright + early, back to school!

bright + early, back to school!

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