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rest day, chest day

rest day, chest day

Yesterday was a complete rest day for me and Mike. Instead of working out when we got up, I took pictures of myself...


and Mike vacuumed the walls?! I married Danny Tanner. We/he actually did a few projects yesterday that were on "the list", so it was a semi-productive day (with lots of relaxing mixed in!)


We headed to Nourish and I had a pineapple, mango, strawberry, date, and coconut smoothie, and he had an acai bowl. 


We stocked up on coffee, so if you're ever visiting and looking for coffee.... here it is!


We grilled and relaxed and had a nice little Sunday. 


Pink Lady apples have my heart.


This morning, we had a good workout before Mike headed to a golf tournament. 


When we got married, I never changed my name on any of my insurances because I had to do it at an office in the city I teach in, and it was just a real pain. So, today, I figured I would take 17 minutes of my life and get it done once and for all (almost 3 years later--- whoops). But, its done now, and I'm just excited to not having to ask "do you want my real name or my maiden name?" anymore. 

Here are a few more pictures of things I ate today. For breakfast, I made egg whites with spinach, and waffles with bananas. Also, these cherry tomatoes, "Cherubs", are the best around- especially if you buy them at BJs!


Cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread with light canola oil butter and strawberry jelly...


Snickerdoodle protein, frozen cherries, strawberries, blueberries, and kale with unsweetened almond milk...


That's all for tonight... I hope you had a great start to the new week!

sweating with my bestie + my streak of doing adult-y things continues

sweating with my bestie + my streak of doing adult-y things continues

climbing, bleeding + being a parrothead

climbing, bleeding + being a parrothead