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sad legs, happy feet

sad legs, happy feet

Happy Thursday! All day, I have been thinking that it's Tuesday, but I guess it doesn't much matter, now does it?!

If you saw my IG and stories this morning, you saw that I started my new program today. And it certainly started with a bang. I thought I was going to die... or at least not make it through the whole session, but I did. You don't have to start a program, or working towards a new goal (or an old one!) on a Monday. I think a lot of people have that mindset, and it honestly leads to excuses and procrastination. Excuses and procrastination do not help you reach your goals, it's a scientifically proven fact. I talked about it a long time ago, every day is exactly just that... a day. If you let the names of the weekdays define your activities, mood, motivation level, etc, you're selling yourself short and probably creating/enabling some unhealthy habits. Just a thought....

Anyways, my new program is kind of insane. Here's the little "snapshot" of my weekly training my coach puts at the bottom of my program:

Today's "Lower Body Strength" day STARTED with 126 squats. ONE HUNDRED TWENTY SIX. And they weren't light. I am scared of what happens on "Lower Body Rep" day. But all joking aside, I am so thankful to have my coach, who has literally stuck with me through it all. He taught me to lift back in the day, then stayed in touch and cared about what I was doing through my Crossfit days, and then when I wanted to get super strong and compete in Powerlifting, he was there. When I wanted to start bar + plates with him, he was 100% in. And now, I threw him a curve ball with the body building thing, and he is all about it and worked really hard to create a program that is just right for me. He even programs me a beach day... how amazing is that?!? #itspartoftheprogram

Immediately after my lift, I had oats with snickerdoodle protein, unsweetened almond milk, and strawberries in an effort to prevent as much soreness as possible. I am not sure it is possible today haha. 

The one exciting thing that kind of kept my mind off the torture I was going through was that the pool guy was here!!! We aren't getting it put in until March, but he wrote up our estimate and made a plan and even laid the tarp out on the lawn to show how the pool is going to go... one step closer, people! 

My next breakfast was rye bread with strawberry jelly, and egg white and spinach omelette, and pink lady apple slices. Carbs and protein, carbs and protein. 

A while later, I went to get a pedicure. My feet were killing me from walking 20+ miles (not exaggerating here) in flip flops while we were at the beach this week. I spent way too long deciding between these four yellows, but settled on OPI's "I Just Can't Cope-acabana" mostly because of the name. 

Much, much better! I feel like I'm walking on sunshine :)

The rest of my day was filled with more work, more errands, and more food. 

Hope you had a great day!!

guess what tomorrow is....

guess what tomorrow is....

my thought of the day + do you stop to notice it?

my thought of the day + do you stop to notice it?