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my thought of the day + do you stop to notice it?

my thought of the day + do you stop to notice it?

Thought of the day...


We got up and headed home from the beach first thing this morning. Mike had to be to work and I... well, I did not :) 


The dogs were so tired they couldn't even stand up straight!


I had a snickerdoodle shake...


and had my real breakfast when we got home. Mike headed to work and I did my bar+plates work for most of the morning. I love this life. 

After my work was caught up on, I finally washed my hair. This is a once a week occurrence over here, but this time it felt like it had been way way way way too long. Between the salt water, sweat, bugs, sunscreen, sand, and everything in between, you can imagine how my hair was doing. Later on, I made a smoothie bowl with protein, cherry, strawberry, blueberry, kale, and unsweetened almond milk (+fat free whipped cream on top). 

I went out and got some new planters at HomeGoods and a bunch of plants for the front porch at a local garden center. Stuff like this takes me so long because I pick a combination of plants, then change my mind, put them back, pick new ones, repeat x10. I ended up filling all three planters with all different greens that will fill in nicely and I think they look pretty! 

That was a sweaty project because it was way hotter out than I realized. I also bought the biggest bag of potting soil that they had at the store and carried it all the way to the front porch from my car (which is far!) without considering a wheelbarrow. I also didn't consider a shovel, so pouring the soil from the bag into the pots was interesting. I was dripping sweat, and mud :)

I showered and had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on Ezekiel bread before heading to the grocery store for a few things. 

For dinner, I made roasted asparagus, baked chicken with BBQ rub, and sautéed summer squash and zucchini. 

Strawberries have been sounding so good to me lately. It really is amazing how connected our bodies are to the weather and the seasons- how we crave foods that are in season around us- how those foods provide our bodies with the things we need ... the question is, do you stop to notice it? 

I'm off to have my casein milkshake and sleep A LOT! Have a great night and I will see you tomorrow!!

sad legs, happy feet

sad legs, happy feet

soft sky fourth of july

soft sky fourth of july