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weekend rewind

weekend rewind

Hi guys! Let's rewind back to Saturday morning! I haven't trained on a Saturday in a long time, but this weekend, it just worked out that I could. I did my very high rep leg day training and sweat up a storm out in the garage!

After that, I made a protein milkshake bowl and had waffles with it. I had a bunch of errands and a little cleaning up to do to get ready for our very special friends who were coming over that afternoon! 

I stocked the cooler with some of my favorite drinks... Diet Snapple, Arnold Palmer Zero, and Powerade Zero. Of course, my twin at heart, loves all of these too, so it was easy. 

Mike was at work, so I brightened up the patio a bit and got the food ready. We just made all different kinds of burgers (buffalo chicken, turkey basil, + bacon cheddar beef), and BBQ rubbed grilled chicken for the protein. I cut up all kinds of veggies for greens, and all kinds of fruit for refreshing carbs. We had a kale, spinach, arugula, cucumber, and tomato salad as well, and Pretzel Crisps to dip in hummus and salsa... all kinds of good food. And no pictures of it because when you're too busy truly engaged in conversation, catching up, relaxing, and enjoying yourself, sometimes the food pictures take a back seat. 

Josh and Alessandra brought their pup, Cal the Bully, who has the biggest, meatiest, squishiest face!

Bo and Cal became best friends instantly. They played and played and played and played for hours! They are both like toddlers and just can't stop themselves, so it worked out well :)

Alessandra said it best, "We have opposite hair but we're the same in every other way" haha. The matching side knots were not planned ;) We had such a fun afternoon hanging out and talking about everything under the sun pretty much. It's cool to have friends who are different from you, but it's also really really cool to have friends who are basically the same as you!

This morning, Mike and I headed out to the garage for an upper body workout. I haven't been going into detail about what my training consists of right now for a couple of reasons. First of all, there is too much to explain! Second of all, I'm still figuring it out. Some things that are programmed for me right now don't feel right or effective, so I trade them out for something that hits the muscles I really want to hit. I am doing 2 days on, 1 day off at the moment, and it's basically an Upper/Lower split. I am adding cardio (1:1 high/low intensity intervals for 20-40 mins 3 times a week). So, that's that. 

After our lift, I had an egg white omelet with some leftover fruit and veggies from yesterday and waffles. I do love going out to breakfast, but honestly, nothing is as good or as healthy as this. And it's actually beyond easy and quick to make. 

I did a little work and then Mike and I took a ride up to Northampton. I got an energy bite and a cold brew at Nourish and we walked through the town in the sunshine for a while. It was nice and relaxing!


Later on, we had more leftovers for lunch! I had a buffalo chicken burger on a FoldIt, with salad, asparagus, and cantaloupe on the side. So good. So summer. That is ketchup and Bolthouse Ranch yogurt dressing on my burger!

I spent the afternoon getting some new clients all set up with their nutrition plans, and then had peanut butter on a pita with some Pink Lady apple slices!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend!

start with a sweat

start with a sweat

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