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it's ok to love yourself + kitchen pictures

Hey!! This morning I had an upper body and back focused training day, which I loved! I also loved the fact that I saw the forecast taking a turn for the better!!! As I was getting dressed for school, I decided to put my bathing suit on and got distracted taking some pictures of myself. You guys, it's ok to love yourself... really!!! 

These are the carbs and protein I use for my intra shake! This week has been so exciting getting new clients signed up for nutrition coaching by ME!!! I feel like I am starting to get to know these amazing people as I gather information about their lives and goals and begin creating their nutritional profiles and programs. I have a feeling that major physical and mental transformations await my new friends, which makes me beyond excited! I also feel lucky that they want ME to help them get there.... life is good.

I had a quick breakfast of these Organic PB Blasts cereal, unsweetened almond milk, and chocolate protein. It was pretty delicious, but I did miss my nice warm eggs. 


And here is some more of my food from the day... 

I also wanted to share some before and afters of our kitchen tonight! Tomorrow, I'm going to do a whole video tour of the first floor like I did with our second floor, now that the downstairs is complete!  


The side entry hallway might be my favorite part. It feels so bright... everything does, really. The door on left goes out to the garage gym and the one on the right is a bathroom and laundry room, which also got completed repainted! I love it all and can't wait to take you on a tour tomorrow!


Have a great night! 

a tour of the first floor + in case you missed it!

a tour of the first floor + in case you missed it!

a field trip. , and full bloom

a field trip. , and full bloom