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a field trip. , and full bloom

a field trip. , and full bloom

Happy Tuesday! It was a seriously busy day over here, and it started with a really good lower body training day! I had seven sets of three on heavy snatch grip deadlifts, and they felt awesome. I don't know why I love those so much, but I think it's because I know that I need them so bad. My hamstrings, glutes, and entire back fire right up and I know they are working. I also know that my deadlifts and squats need this work so badly. I had front squats from the pins, overhead squats, and some accessory work too. It was a good one.

After that, I got ready for school and made my breakfast. Today, I had folded egg whites, Pink Lady apple slices, and two slices of cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread with light canola oil butter and strawberry jelly (with all the sugar). 

Today was our field trip day. Notice no exclamation mark there haha! We went to a museum, so being the ridiculous germaphobe that I am, I planned my food accordingly. I kept things beyond simple, and easy to eat whenever I had to, because it was just that kind of day, ya know?! I brought a protein and unsweetened almond milk shake, a french toast bagel which is so delicious it doesn't need to be toasted or topped with anything, and cucumbers.

The field trip was great and I did not lose anyone, but it was a seriously long day! We goy back to school exactly at dismissal and the secretary even called my cell phone asking where we were! It was a close one!

Planetariums may cause drowsiness.

Planetariums may cause drowsiness.

I came right home, showered, and got straight to work on bar+plates stuff!! This is seriously exciting, you guys! I am so excited about all my new clients and getting everything started! I had some peanut butter and spent the afternoon on my computer...

My VoVo's peonies are in full bloom here, so I have cut some and sprinkled them around the house. They make me happier than you even know. 

For dinner, we had some super delicious beef tenderloin, roasted asparagus, and a spinach, arugula, cucumber, pepper, and tomato salad. Did I ever tell you how Mike does *almost* all of the cleaning, cooking, and food shopping around here?? Today, I came home to a spotless house, dinner ready to be cooked, and a fridge that was all restocked.... the absolute best.

I had more work to do after dinner, and more carbs and fats to eat, so I had a Magic Pop with chunky peanut butter and jelly on it while I worked away.

And now, finally, I am having my casein milkshake! I put some fat free whipped cream on top because...why not?

Now it's time to go  r e l a x  !

I hope your Tuesday was great xo

it's ok to love yourself + kitchen pictures

today, flashback to yesterday, and today

today, flashback to yesterday, and today