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today, flashback to yesterday, and today

today, flashback to yesterday, and today

Hi guys!! Happy Monday! Today was my first day feeling like a real business woman and it was pretty exciting! After school, I headed to the gym for a mini meeting with my coach and to share some of the excitement with him!


This morning, I had reverse bench press, which felt really strong and I can tell that my triceps are certainly growing and getting stronger! Then I had lots and lots of weighted chin ups, 135lb push presses, dumbbell rows, and shoulder and chest stretches. It was a good Monday morning out in the garage!

For breakfast, I made folded egg whites and had waffles and some apple slices for my carbs. It was deliciousssss. 

Let's flashback to yesterday morning (Sunday) for a second! At the end of our lift, it was nice enough to open up the garage doors and Bo was pretty happy about that! 

It was a pretty high volume lower body training day, so my breakfast was slightly higher in carbs than today's. The dogs also got special Sunday breakfast treats... 

After that, Mike and I headed to my dad's retirement party! It was a nice day celebrating my dad and all of his hard, hard work!

My nails and dress just so happened to be bar+plates colors!

It was a clambake, but I am not a lobster or clam kind of girl, so I had grilled chicken, loads of greens, pineapple, and watermelon for lunch. 

Ok, back to today! My class had specials in the classroom today and one of my lovely little friends asked me why I was taking a picture of my oatmeal! Even though I was "invisible" for those 45 minutes, I told her that I just like taking pictures of EVERTHING ;) She immediately said, "I know that because I saw you taking a picture of your APPLE the other day!!!" Hahahahah!! Anyways, here are some of the pictures I took of my food today...


It's now officially time to close this computer for the night! Hope you had a great day!

a field trip. , and full bloom

a field trip. , and full bloom

i have something to tell you!!!!