it was that good

Hey guys! I hope you had a great Sunday! Mike and I got up and took it slowly this morning, which doesn't happen too often. Then, at about 8, we headed into the garage for our lift! It was a fun and sweaty one today in the humidity... love it!!!


Afterwards, we made the most delicious post training meal in the whole wide world... French toast bagels with a little bit of light canola oil butter and sugar free maple srup, and egg white omelette with summer squash and asparagus. I finished mine first and was so jealous as Mike took the last bites of his- it was that good.


Then we headed out for a little Sunday drive to pick up Kenny Chesney tickets! This is one of our traditions, and I kind of hate that the concert is at the END of summer! I wish it were at the beginning! 


We stopped to pick up hedge clippers on our way home because that's what adults have to do sometimes. We are getting all the bushes around the house ripped out because they're just too big and cover too much of this beautiful house!  In the meantime, though, they were messy looking and driving me INSANE. 

We ate lunch before we started the big job outside. We had chicken burgers with peppers and onions, cucumbers, and a raspberry banana salad.


A couple hours and a few buckets of sweat later, we finished the front of the house. I ended up taking over the trimming part and Mike weeded and cleaned up the huge mess I was making. Teamwork is the name of the game. 

Afterward, we showered up, had some snacks and relaxed a little bit. For dinner, we had grilled chicken salads, and now I'm having my icy cold casein milkshake! I'm excited to make this last week of school a fun and special one for all my little friends!


Have a great night💕