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finally FINALLY

finally FINALLY

Happy Monday, my friends!! 

We spent yesterday in the SUNNNNNNNN. Finally. FINALLY!!!!

We hit the road nice and early (that's why I trained on Saturday afternoon this weekend:) and had some breakfast when we got there. I asked for basic egg whites on multigrain bread and it was perfect... exactly what I wanted. PS. Don't ever feel bad for asking a restaurant or sandwich place to make something that is not on the menu! The worst thing that can happen is that they can say "Sorry, no". 

Beach priorities= drinks and food. Dear Fitmark, I really would love a bigger lunch box!!! Mine is literally bursting at the seams. Do you see that red thing on Mike's? That is our dog Brutus's collar (read the sad story about him here). Mike keeps it on his lunchbox so it is with him all the time and it literally makes me cry. I hear the jingle of his tags all the time and it's just the saddest thing on earth to me. 

Sandwiches are just better on the beach. This was just turkey, spinach, kale, arugula, and mustard on a Joseph's pita. 

The best feeling in the world. Also, summer vacation is thisssssssssss close. 

We stopped at Lilly on the way out and I have to say that I much prefer shopping online, although that is super hard because not much there fits me right anymore. I'm making a generalization here, but the people there in real life are just so...... not that nice?

We got home and the night flew by between dinner, doing some work, and getting ready for today!

This is week 4 of my program, the final week, so things are heavy! I had an upper body focused day and then Mike and I took Bo for a run!! The last time I ran was probably November or December. We just went on our neighborhood walking route (which has two huge hills) and it took 20 minutes. It felt nice to run, shake out some soreness from Saturday's lift, and just to get fresh air with my husband and crazy dog. My quads felt the run the most!

After a shower, I had a nice cold protein and almond milk shake, with whole wheat waffles and a banana. So good, and I was just not in the mood for hot eggs this morning. 

You know summer vacation is 8 days away when you are in the Starbucks drive through line at the time you'd normally be at school.... and THEN you still stop for a car wash. Hehehe. I couldn't handle how many dead bugs were on my car, so there was no way I could wait until after school to go. That would be my excuse if anyone asked me why I was late. Actually, I was still 15 minutes early for work, so it's all good. 

After school, I had a nail appointment and I was really excited to have some quiet, relaxation time. I got my toes and nails done and life is good.  

For dinner, I had baked chicken that I rubbed with BBQ seasoning, roasted broccoli, and some tomato slices. Easy, delicious... story of my life! 

Have a great night and I will see you tomorrow!

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