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monday, the next couple of weeks, + feeling like a weakling

Happy Monday, everyone.


I will be honest and tell you that I was really not in the mood to go to work today. We spent yesterday doing a lot of house projects that took nearly 8 hours, so I did not have much down time or time to really reflect on the meet over the weekend. But that's ok, my little people needed me at school, so I cooked up some breakfast and was on my way! 


Today was a rest day for me, and for the next two weeks, I will be having more rest days than training days. It is kind of a reset and transition time before starting my new program and beasting it out through the summer!! Nationals is the first week of October, so from the end of May until then, I have a lot to work on and strength to gain. 

I am not adjusting my macros for these two weeks based on my activity level. I am going to keep them the same on training and non training days to give my body good fuel to train and to recover. When I start training six days a week again, the volume will be going way up and that means my carbs will also be increasing, which is exciting!

This gigantic 34oz Blender Bottle was in the goodie bag from the meet! I filled it up with ice water and the Xtend Pineapple flavored BCAAs they threw in there. It was delicious- the pineapple flavor was perfect, I actually might buy some because they are better tasting than the ones Mike gets and didn't make me tingly like his do. My meals were the norm- sorry I'm not sorry if you're sick of seeing them! This is real life, people.


Our kitchen is under MAJOR construction at the moment and is giving me mini panic attacks!!! I can't look when I go in there at the moment, but I managed to toast up this bagel and let my peanut butter melt all over it after school today. 


Luckily, this dinner required about 3 minutes of prep time in the kitchen. Throw the chicken in baking pan, wash the asparagus, chop the ends all at once, throw them in baking pan and spray with Pam- leave it all to bake for 25 minutes. When they're all cooked, throw the bag of riced cauliflower in the microwave, mix in marinara sauce, and then put everything on your plate and go eat it in the other room. So simple, so easy, so delicious!


Casein milkshake and bed while it's still light out... yes, please!


I was hanging some new curtains in the garage earlier and I found this little plan that made me feel a little bad. It was my very realistic goals for this meet to get me a total I was happy with. I really wish I had just gone for 336 not 341 on deadlift, but I also am just overall disappointed in my deadlift as a lift. Don't get me wrong, I am proud of my meet results when I compare them to last year, but I'm also feeling like a weakling in a lot of ways.


But, I need to STOP IT! Reading this is helping- I love #s 1, 2, 6, 7, 8 on this list especially.

I hope you had a great Monday!

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USAPL meet 5/6/17