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USAPL meet 5/6/17

Hi guys!! Let's rewind to Friday for a second. It was the day before my meet, so I had a rest day. I woke up feeling nice and rested and ready to go!!!


I went to work, and as soon as I got home, I started packing because we were leaving that night. I This is what I packed in my gym bag to wear on meet day. My other clothes (comfy sleeping clothes, weigh in clothes, and post-meet clothes) were all in another bag, and food in yet another bag, and I also had my fitmark lunch bag filled with food and shakes and drinks. Mike was loading the car and asked if we were going away for a week! Nope, just 24 hours, but I'm overly prepared and not that efficient of a packer. 


We got to the hotel around 7:30 that night and I was really tired and ready to sleep. EXCEPT, I could not sleep!!! We watched tv for a bit and then I just tossed and turned and was so hot and not comfortable and thinking about everything and I couldn't let myself just fall asleep. I finally did fall asleep around 2 something I think, and then woke up wayyyy before my alarm at around 4:45am. So, ya, if you do the math, it wasn't good. ESPECIALLY for me because I like a good 8 hours a night. 

I got up, and didn't feel too bad despite the whole sleep thing, but definitely didn't feel my greatest or the way I wanted to feel on meet day. I tried waking up for a bit and stretching and whatnot, showered, and got dressed. My coach also stayed at the hotel the night before the meet, so Mike and I met him in the lobby and we were off to weigh ins! 

Alessandra and I got to Gleason at just about the same time, so she helped me through the pre-meet process. If you didn't know, this was my first USAPL meet and my first meet not at my home gym, so things were done a little differently than what I'd done before.

First, I signed a waiver in case I didn't make it out alive and promised that I haven't taken any performance enhancing drugs. Then, they checked my gear to make sure that it was legal in the USAPL. They checked my lifters, metcons, singlet, tee shirt, tall socks, wrist wraps, and my belt, and it was all A-OK.

Then, we got in the weigh in line. I weighed in at 61.4kg, which is 135lbs. The weight class I was competing in was the 63kg class, so you had to be above 57kg and under 63kg. I kept my clothes on because I knew I was under weight, but they did have nice little changing rooms with curtains for those who wanted to weigh in without clothes and the most precise and official scales ever (both of these things were NOT my experience in the past). 

After that, we picked our rack heights for squats and bench. This was a little confusing because my coach and Mike had gone to breakfast and I really could've used some assistance with this step!! It all worked out ok, though. This is a very important part of the pre-meet process that can make or break your lift, especially if you are as mental as me, and if something feels "off", everything will feel off!

After all of that business, we went and ate and drank and hung out while stretching and talking and trying to not get nervous! I can't even explain how nice it was to be competing with Alessandra. I absolutely LOVE lifting and being strong and getting stronger and stronger, but meets are pretty stressful and anxiety filled for me. Well, competing with her helped A LOT. Yes, I was definitely still stressed and anxious, but a lot of it went away because we were having FUN!! 


My amazing friend, Laura, also came and stayed for the entire meet, which was the nicest thing ever. She also helped me stay pretty calm between lifts! Thank you, girly, you are THE BEST!!!!


It was so nice having my coach there as my handler because he timed my warm ups perfectly, he just told me what to do and I did it without thinking too much, and he helped me make all of my attempt decisions. He and Mike know the cues I need to hear before each lift, so the two of them really made a great team! 

Obviously, having Mike there by my side for the whole thing means the world to me. He is the one who feeds me, trains with me, and deals with all of the ups and downs and flips and twists that come along with me every single day, so my meet day is an important day for him too. Last week, someone asked me if he would be going to my meet and I legitimately thought they were joking. Like, is that even a real question!? He is a giant goof ball, so when I do get stressed or nervous, he always knows how to get me to relax a bit. But, he also knows how seriously I take all of this and how important it is to me, so he balances out his fun side with a bit of a business side, and helps me through all of it. 

This meet was INSANE. There is no other way to describe it other than that. The entire day on Saturday was all female lifters, which was cool. The morning session that I lifted in was the 57kg and 63kg girls. These girls were SOOOOO strong. Squatting in the mid to high 300s, deadlifting in the high 300s and 400s!!! It was like going to Nationals, just on a smaller scale. It was so cool to be around all of these insanely inspiring (and extremely KIND) ladies. All I could think was, "these are my people". 

Here are my results:

SQUAT: 132.5 kg / 292.1 lbs

*22lb meet PR ,  2lb all time PR 

BENCH: 80 kg / 176.4 lbs

*6.4lb meet PR, 1.4lb all time PR

DEADLIFT: 150 kg / 330.7 lbs

*10 lb meet PR , 22lb PR from 6/4/16 full meet , I missed my final deadlift attempt of 341 lbs, but my coach convinced me to go for it. I got it off the ground, but should've done 336 and gone 9/9, buttttt that's OK!

SO, my total was 362.5 kg / 798 lbs, which is up 54 lbs from last June. It also qualifies me for Nationals, so that is what is NEXT!!!! 23 weeks out hahahah!

Thanks to everyone who wished me well and sent me strong thoughts! Love you guys xoxoxo

monday, the next couple of weeks, + feeling like a weakling

good food + positive vibes

good food + positive vibes