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back to life

back to life

I am a functioning human again! Mike told me I took a day off of life yesterday and he is glad I am no longer a corpse hahahah....

We started the day off in the garage gym and even though I am pretty sore, it felt great to lift and move. I had all upper body stuff today, and push presses, which I do not consider an upper body lift really. My legs and core are more the boss there...

Then, I washed my hair and made myself presentable to the outside world. We headed to breakfast...

Then we went on a few errands including the market and the garden center. We have a big old wagon in front of our house that my dad has always taken great pride in. When we bought the house, I knew i wanted to keep the wagon looking beautiful, so Mike and I got some plants to fill it up with. I got hot pink and bright purple impatiens and I can't wait for these to get gigantic this summer! 

Also, one of my favorite parts of this house is the garden of my Vovo's peonies. These plants come from her plants that we all loved so much. They bloom every year right around the time she passed away, which is bittersweet. Did you know that peonies symbolize a happy life and a happy marriage... they've definitely lived up to that meaning so far.

I even had peonies as my wedding bouquet for this reason exactly...

That was the best day ever. Today I was just soaking wet and covered in dirt.

After I cleaned myself up, I had some cold turkey tips with grilled onions and a Pink Lady apple. 

Magic Pop with PB2 and sugar free syrup is the best sweet snack if you're looking for something different.

I headed to the mall (whyyyyyyy do I do this to myself??) and spent a long time being annoyed again with how there is nothing for me there. I came home and Mike started cooking dinner, so I had some carrots and Bolthouse ranch as a little appetizer.

For dinner, we had beef tenderloin, roasted asparagus, and riced cauliflower with marinara sauce. I think this is my favorite dinner lately.

Peanut butter for dessert. Does anyone else love the first scoop of peanut out of a new jar as much as I do????

Bo was ready for bed early tonight. This is seriously how he sleeps, snoring and all!

I topped my casein pro-yo with some sugar free Hershey's syrup and PB2 tonight and it was extra tasty! I hope you had a great day, and I will see ya tomorrow!

my intra shake, HE'S THE BEST, and i told you i drink a lot

my intra shake, HE'S THE BEST, and i told you i drink a lot

sleep, eat, sleep, eat, eat, eat, eat