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sleep, eat, sleep, eat, eat, eat, eat

Today turned into the ultimate recovery day. I slept later than I have slept in a longggg time. My body and mind really needed it. Ruby even came up to check on me and make sure I was alive. 

A couple hours later, Mike and I headed to Northampton because I've been dying to go back to Nourish

While we waited for our bowls, we shared some energy bites. They were so sweet and chewy and delicious with little bits of crunch and stickiness in them.

I had the Berry Breakfast Bowl, which was frozen strawberries, blueberries, and banana blended up with chia seeds and shredded coconut on top! Mike had an acai bowl with among butter, granola, and bananas on top. He constantly tells me about how good they were back when he lived in San Diego. Maybe someday he will take me there.....

A couple hours later, I was starving so I had what I would have normally had for breakfast. A rainbow bagel and an egg white and spinach omellette! 

After that, I put on the Hallmark Channel and fell asleep for one entire movie. I woke up with Ruby once again sleeping on me. I think she likes me more than usual today because I am being like her... so so lazy.

This Pink Lady apple was delicious, cold, crispy, and refreshing. How do you like those adjectives?

For dinner, we had roasted broccoli, shaved kale and brussels sprouts with cucumbers and tomatoes, and grilled buffalo chicken burgers... and I'm on Hallmark movie #4 I think (hehehe, best day ever). 

Some casein pro-yo and some more relaxing should have me feeling back to 100% by the morning!! Have a good rest of your night!

back to life

back to life

saturdays are for the girls, actually

saturdays are for the girls, actually