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saturdays are for the girls, actually

saturdays are for the girls, actually

Hey guys, happy Saturday! Yesterday was a rough day for a bunch of reasons, but I ended it with fresh lashes and a spray tan, which made me feel 100x better and more human! Orangey human, but happier human :) 

Today, though, was a GREAT day! Alessandra came over at 8am and we had a fun day planned. Nothing crazy, just stuff we would each normally do, but together, which makes it extra fun. We started off by lifting in the garage. I had a pretty tough, high volume, lower body day, and she had cleans and a bunch of accessory work. I started off with low bar squats and I was happy to have her there to tell me how they looked. This was my third or fourth day training low bar, and I had 7x4 with 230lbs, 75 seconds rest. They got pretty tough, but I still felt strong through all the sets. Out of breath, but strong. I also had paused front squats, and if you ever train with Alessandra, don't have her count for you or you will die ;). We both had snatch grip RDLs, I had paused overhead squats, and we did hanging leg raises, and chin ups as well. It was a good, tough lift especially since it was day 7 in a row (don't do this), but I am very excited for a nice rest day tomorrow.


We went straight to brunch when we finished our lift, and it was delicious as usual. Twinning meals always. 

We headed back to my house for a bit to shoot a little chat for her channel, and then to the mall and the grocery store. I was definitely very low on my carb intake for the day, so on the drive home, I reached in the backseat and had one of the french toast bagels I had just bought. It was probably the best bagel I ever had in my life, not even kidding. 

A while later, Mike grilled turkey burgers and I had some Magic Pop with peanut butter as a snack.

Ruby's loves when I finish a jar, and I 100% understand...

My new crop top from SD Evolution makes me super happy and I will probably be wearing it all summer. Speaking of summer, there are only 19 more days of school. It's time to get excited.

Dinner was a turkey burger with a kale and brussel sprout salad, and heirloom tomatoes... so fresh and delicious. 

I just had my pro-yo and I made it thicker and creamier tonight, so it really tasted like soft serve ice cream! I love how you can play around with the liquid type and amount, as well as the xanthan gum to really customize it to your mood each night- I owe you guys a video on this SO soon!

I hope you had a great start to your weekend and I will see you tomorrow! xo

sleep, eat, sleep, eat, eat, eat, eat

the longest day of my lifeeee

the longest day of my lifeeee