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what my body needs

what my body needs

Hey guys! This morning, I had a great lower body lift full of front squats from the pins, snatch grip deadlifts, paused overhead squats, and monster walks (which are ridiculous and I will have to video at some point). This program is all about high volume and short rest, which has been feeling good this week! After a month and a half of low volume and lots more rest than normal, it feels really really good to be putting in the work each day.

Sometimes as I take pictures of my food, I think that people may be so bored by my blog. And that's ok, but I'll be right here blogging along anyways. But then I think about how so many people are "pinning" or searching for all these fancy healthy meal ideas and meal prep plans, and honestly, that's not real life. When you're first starting a health or fitness journey, sure, making meals like that is fun and keeps things interesting I suppose. But in real life, when health and fitness are your lifestyle, food is fuel. I eat the same things over and over again, and occasionally switch things up to something different. Not fancy or fun, but different. My brain thinks in terms of protein, carbs, fats, greens, and simplicity/convenience, so what you see in my meals is what my body needs at that time of day, and what is easiest to prepare at that, or for, that moment. 

7:25am: protein, carbs, greens

10:15am: protein, carbs, COFFEE

12:15pm: greens, carbs

5:30pm: carbs, fats

6:30pm: protein, carbs, greens

7:30pm: fats

8:00pm: protein, fats

8:45pm: SLEEP!

**Please note, all of the things I drink each day are not featured, but I drink 1.5 - 2 gallons of water in various forms throughout the day. My body NEEDS it just like it needs food- it helps with my recovery and completely affects how awake, happy, energetic, and HEALTHY I feel each day! 

humpday things + i'm a cucumber connoisseur

humpday things + i'm a cucumber connoisseur

fierce, and strong, and full of fire

fierce, and strong, and full of fire