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friday = happiness

friday = happiness

HAPPY FRIDAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! I got all my photos from my shoot with Racheal and I am in love!!  It was too hard to pick one to share tonight, but here ya go :)

Every night, we have to move Ruby from the living room couch to the leather TV room couch because she likes to lick herself and bite her toenails all night and will leave big nasty wet spots if we don't. It's her least favorite part of the day, and here she is, she knows it's coming! Poor girl! Any other puggle owners have this problem??

I got a pretty good lift in this morning! It was an easy upper body, power and body building day and it was pretty fun. I have a full on rest day tomorrow, and then Sunday, my new real program starts!

I had an egg white and spinach omelette with waffles for breakfast before school. Fridays are usually our breakfast date days, but Mike had a golf tournament and ditched me. That's ok. I made a little bit of snickerdoodle protein sauce and poured it over the waffles along with sugar free syrup. 

I escaped from school again today because I felt like it. I had to get a couple things for the classroom and a few things for the house that we needed ASAP, so I made a quick stop at BJs. I think I got the last case of summer seltzers, or maybe I just found one that was not in its proper spot, but either way, I was pretty excited! 


I got back to school and still had plenty of time to eat my protein oats before the kids got back from specials. 

A little while later, I had cucumbers, green peppers, and an ice cold seltzer. 

When I got home, I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a warmed up Joseph's pita. Now that we do have a microwave, I am taking full advantage. 

I showered, got ready to go have dinner with some friends, and had a piece of Ezekiel bread with more peanut butter and jelly. I didn't want to be starving when we got to the restaurant, so this helped me avoid hanger.

We met at UNOs and sat out on the patio for a nice dinner and some catching up. I had a green salad to start...

And grilled chicken with roasted veggies and steamed broccoli for dinner. It was pretty good

I am just so happy to not have to work tomorrow... ahhhhhh. Hope you had a great Friday!!

all fueled up + nothing to wear

all fueled up + nothing to wear