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the full-on real deal + the handiest skill there is

I am so excited for this cold and rainy weather to end TOMORROW!!! I am also excited to LIFT tomorrow! As most of you know, I'm on a two week post-meet reset program, and all these days off are a little much. Next week, it's back to the full-on real deal and I can't wait. I also can't wait for SUMMER, when the only thing on schedule each day is training. Is that even real life?!?! 28 more school days.

Last night, I slept realllllly well again, so I think I have kicked whatever run down feeling/sickness was starting yesterday! I also pumped myself up with loads of vitamins today. Back in the day, I was kind of a professional at not getting sick and nipping sicknesses right in the bud- this skill comes in very handy, let me tell you.

For breakfast, I made a blueberry, snickerdoodle protein, and unsweetened almond milk smoothie. I was not very hungry because I didn't wake up too long before I had to leave for work, so this was perfect. Usually, I am up for about three hours before heading to work, so I like eating a more filling, warmer meal. 


I also had my multi vitamins and fish oil, both of which are from UNICO Nutrition! Use this link and my code LILLY8 for an extra 15% off any and all things UNICO. I HIGHLY recommend these vitamins-- they kept me healthy and have helped me fight off millions of first grade germs while training and peaking for my meet! They are KEY to my life now!


I had my normal meals at school along with a Blender Bottle of BCAAs. I don't drink BCAAs often anymore, just because I don't feel like I need them, but today I was in the mood. And I was trying to get in extra liquids today to get myself healthier feeling, so they helped with that. 


After school, I had nothing on the agenda for once! I came home to find that Bo was angry about something but he wouldn't tell me what it was...


I had some peanut butter and Magic Pop and did a little bit of work on the couch while watching Drop Dead Diva.


I made another glass full of vitamins.... This was Blueberry-Acai EmergenC and was actually good tasting. I usually use the least amount of water possible and just chug it while holding my nose, but this flavor was actually drinkable. 


For dinner, Mike grilled up buffalo chicken burgers. I had mine on a Joseph's pita with reduced sugar ketchup and regular mustard. I also had a spinach and cucumber salad with Bolthouse ranch. When this plate was empty, I filled it up with another salad because, as you know, I heart greens and micros.


For dessert, I had a little piece of a pita with melted peanut butter. 


And finally, I made my casein milkshake in a bowl with some sugar free Hershey's syrup on top for fun. If you don't eat this, you really don't even know what you're missing. 


Good night!!!

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