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a weekend shower + an incredible surprise

a weekend shower + an incredible surprise

Hi!!! Sorry to disappear yesterday, it was a busy and exciting day! 

I slept so well and for so long on Friday night, with absolutely nothing on my mind - I woke up feeling like a whole new lady. For breakfast, I made an egg white omellete with broccoli and cauliflower mash inside (which did not taste good as part of this omelette so I kind of scraped it out as I ate the egg part). I also had waffles with sugar free syrup and those were really good!


I got ready for my friend Laura's baby shower and was on my way. She is having identical twin girls (in 10 weeks or less!!), which feels way more exciting than just a regular baby shower!! 


Baby Lilly shift dresses were a must! 


The shower theme was "Peanut Butter + Jelly" which was so cute (and delicious!) I made myself a PB+J and had salad with it. I also had a ton of peanut butter and jelly flavored "muddy buddies" or "puppy chow" or whatever you want to call it!


Afterward, my friend Meera and I went back and hung with Laura for a little bit before heading home. I'm so glad we got to celebrate with her on her super special day!!!

Meanwhile, Mike was being so odd- badgering me about when I was coming home, texting me while he knew I was driving and couldn't respond, and it was just weird and not like him. When I got home, he was "at the grocery store" getting almond milk, which was silly because we already had two full gallons. I started doing some detective work and realized his work clothes weren't in the laundry basket, the shower wasn't wet, even though he had said he couldn't answer the phone earlier on because he was in the shower....... hmmmmm. I started getting pretty mad because I could tell he was lying about something and that is just not ok with me!!!

A couple minutes later, he came home and yelled for me to come out and help him get stuff out of the car. I stomped out there ready to tell him "No way I'm helping a LIAR", and then I almost had a heart attack!!!! He bought me/us a new car!!!!!!!!! AND hired someone to drive him two hours away to pick it up! We have been talking about this car for a while, but he just says to let him handle all things car related, and basically has been telling me "not yet" for a few months now. He managed to truly surprise me for the first time ever- and I think he's pretty proud of himself! The whole thing felt like a really happy dream (which I usually wake up from feeling very disappointed in the morning) I am also glad that the lies were all for a "good" reason---- he really wanted to pull off the surprise!


I kept looking out the door all night making sure it was real and not a dream. He ordered me a Greek salad with grilled chicken for dinner and explained all the lies and behind the scenes stuff he'd been doing for weeks. Luckily, I've been too busy to play detective, other wise I am sure I would have picked up on some clues!


Last night I slept so well and for a good nine or more hours again! I got up and then we trained out in the garage. I had snatch grip deadlifts and squats as my main lifts today and I started playing around with low bar squats. I am going to make the transition (finally) from being a high bar squatter to being a low bar squatter to hopefully get more out of my squat. I did work up to a 275# low bar squat and it felt.... easy. 

We went to breakfast afterward and I had my regular egg white omelette filled with grilled veggies and rye toast on the side. It made up for my not-so-delicious omelette from the day before.


After that, Mike and I went and did all kinds of errands. When we came home I was hungry and had turkey tips, a half of an everything bagel, and cucumbers for lunch. 


As an afternoon snack, I had peanut butter Puffins with some melted peanut butter drizzled on top. 


I had a nice glass of vitamins because I am feeling a little not good. Hopefully this will work its magic!!!


For dinner, we had ground chicken taco salads. It's literally one of the easiest, but best tasting meals ever! Spinach, cucumbers, carrots, and ground chicken with taco seasoning. It takes like zero time to prepare and really fills you up! Try it! 


Bo and Ruby know what's good...


I'm publishing now because I'm on my third Hallmark Channel movie and about ready to sleep!! I hope you had a nice weekend and have a great night!

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