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something special going on

Mike is really impressing me with his handy-ness lately. First he goes and hides wires behind the wall, now he is taking all the shutters down, painting them, and putting them back up. It's not an easy job, but he must be really motivated, otherwise I know it wouldn't be happening!

At 7:30 this morning, he finished his lift and got right to work painting, so I made him this breakfast.

I just had a shake. Lotus Club sent me this protein to try, and it is OK. It has a fake/sweet tasting aftertaste that I don't love, but NOTHING can compare to PEScience or Dymatize in my eyes. Today was a non-training day for me, and I took a day off from school too because I had something special going on...

A photoshoot!!!! Soon after breakfast, I went to get my makeup and hair done... something I have done maybe twice in my 32 years of life!!


Any guesses about what I'm currently searching on YouTube??? Why did I never learn anything at all about makeup? Or hair? I think it is time that I at least try.

The shoot went great and I cannot wait to see the pictures and share them with you guys soon!! I was beat afterwards and I had a bagel, strawberries, and blackberries to refuel. I also had a bunch of peppers, but didn't take any pictures of them. They were pretty, though- orange, yellow, red AND green of course!

Ruby did this for most of the day:

And Bo did this: 


Is it so sad that I really, truly, envy their lives?! They get the best food, get to sleep all they want, get to hang out in the gym, they don't have to work, they get all of Mike's attention, and I could go on and on ;)

I didn't take pictures of everything else I ate this afternoon and night- my mind AND body are exhausted. But, I had a bunch of roasted broccoli before the rest of the dinner was ready. For dinner, I had buffalo chicken burger, spinach salad, cucumber, and baked sweet potato fries. I also had Nuts n More as a delicious treat after we ate. 

I have to pull myself off the couch to go make my casein milkshake! I am very thankful that tomorrow is Friday... anyone else?!

Have a great night!!

a picture's worth a thousand words

greens are my thing