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a bright sunshiney day

The warmth. The buds on the trees. The grass that's greener and greener ever day. Things are looking up.ย 


I had some of a bagel with jelly before we left to go train this morning. ย 


That moment when I drink just enough of my iced coffee and there's room to add my intra shake to it๐Ÿ˜Œ


We were at the gym for a little over three hours this morning! I started my peaking program and if you follow me on IG, you probably saw my post about how excited I am. I had a bunch of heavy squat singles, then triples, then pauses. On bench, I had heavy-ish singles and had my coach calling the commands and being super duper strict with me. Every day I train bench now, I am focusing on remaining tight in my quads, glutes, lats, core... everything... for the entirety of the lift. Hopefully this will prevent any wobbles of the bar on my chest, which would delay the press command. 


"Breakfast", although technically my third meal of the day, was at noon and was amazing. I had my egg white omellette with peppers, spinach, and onions, grilled potatoes, and wheat toast. 


After that, I came home and showered and then we emptied the rest of our storage unit. So much of what we stored I decided to part ways with after months of not having it. The things I am most excited to have back and unpack, though, are my dishes, silverware, and china!!! I use our china as regular everyday dinner plates because it is just so cute, so I'm pretty excited to have them back.


I was beyond hungry again before we brought any of the stuff into the house, so I had to eat or else I was not going to be able to function. I had a quick bowl of peanut butter Puffins with unsweetened almond milk and snickerdoodle protein. ย 


Everything from our old house is white. And I have about 14 mirrors.ย 


A little while later, I had a pita with peanut butter.ย 


And then I made dinner, which was stuffed peppers. I stuffed them with a mixture of 93% lean ground beef with taco seasoning that I cooked for the week anyways, and riced cauliflower. Then I baked them for about 12 minutes just to make the peppers slightly soft. So good!!!


I ended my weekend with casein pro-yo topped with dry PB2 and these weird little sprinkle balls that look like hail and kind of all poured out at once!! ย 


There are only four school days left before vacation and I am psyched!!! I'm also ready to get on with this peaking program and do things I've never done before!!

Have a great rest of your night!ย 

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