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highlight of my day

Happy Saturday, guys! The highlight of my day was going to Target at 8:30 this morning for hand soap, toilet bowl cleaner, and seltzer. That should tell you how exciting the rest of my day was. 


By the time I got home, I was so hungry and had egg white with broccoli, a 1/2 a bagel and some zucchini noodles. 


The hot water heater broke last night, so I couldn't shower until the new one was installed this afternoon. I spent about 4 hours working on my test as Ruby slept, and slept, and slept.


I took a break for a few minutes and had peanut butter Puffins with protein and almond milk but didn't take a picture. Then I had a pita and peanut butter and got back to work. My brain hurts!!!!!


At 4:30ish, I finally showered and changed back into loungewear because I just wanted to be home bound for the rest of the day, and basically just be a bum.

For dinner, I had a Greek salad with grilled chicken on the side. Mike is the best at chopping up salads and mixing everything together so that every bite is good. I don't have the patience to do that, so when he does it for me, it's a treat :)


Today was shoe washing day over here. I have white metcons, and I like them to stay pretty white so I wash them about once a month. I also decided to wash my bag and makeup bag while I was at it. For anyone who has a Longchamp bag, yes you can wash it in the washing machine!  


I just sprayed the dirtiest spots on my shoes and bag with both of these sprays because I don't know which one works better :) I let them sit for a few minutes and then threw them in the washer on delicate with cold water. I hung the bag to dry, but I put the shoes in the dryer for about 20 minutes. Normally, I let them air dry but I want to wear them in the morning, so I gave them a little head start! 


Now for some random stuff...

I don't watch much TV, but when we go to bed, we put something on our Apple TV. We rotate between Ugly Betty and Drop Dead Diva, which are both old shows now, but so good!!! I only end up watching about 15 minutes of every episode because I fall asleep, but maybe someday I'll watch the whole thing!  

I wanted to share my all time favorite non-country singer and song. I've loved Michael Franti for a long long time and seen him many times. If I'm ever feeling down, listening to him fixes everything. This is by far my favorite song of his...

Hope you had a great day!

a bright sunshiney day

maybe we can be best friends