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safe to say

This morning was heavy but awesome! I had floor presses with 170lbs, pause back squats with 260lbs, and 3 position deadlifts holds for 10 seconds each with 240 lbs.  I also had weighted push-ups with 45lbs, and seal rows, both of which I love so much.

Safe to say that I'm stronger than ever. 


I had a nice hot breakfast of egg whites with broccoli and cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread before I went to work. 


Throughout the school day, I had overnight protein oats and cucumbers.


Today was my favorite day of the week- BJs day! We needed all kinds of stuff and I feel much better now! 


When I got home, I unloaded everything and showered up. Then I spent about two hours working on my test and had my peanut butter pita.


Ruby wanted no part of it. 


Dinner was roasted turkey and broccoli with zucchini noodles and some spinach and kale salad.


And like every night, I just had my casein pro-yo with PB2 and my **vitamins**!! The next four weeks are crucial to my performance in my meet. I am focusing on keeping my stress low, nutrition perfect, and my hydration, sleep, and recovery as good as they can get. Rest days and time need to be truly restful, and my immune system needs to stay strong. 


Laser focus has set in. Tomorrow's the last day of my current training program and Sunday will mark the start of my meet prep program! Can't wait to see what my coach has in store for me!

Have a good night!! 

maybe we can be best friends

double session whatttt