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all the truths: thoughts on attempts, meet goals, weigh ins

I really can't believe it's Sunday already. This morning, I had my last lift with my coach at the gym before the meet on this upcoming Saturday. I woke up feeling not so great, and there are a few reasons for this and a few things I had working against me. You guys know I live a pretty regimented lifestyle, and the past 5 or so days have been a little tough. Friday at school I had something extremely upsetting happen, which had me in tears and extremely stressed out all day long. Then I came home and moved furniture and packed the moving truck for six hours. Friday night I did not sleep well or much because of the stress and lack of time to settle down from the day, I guess. Saturday I spent the day just organizing stuff around the house here, but I was on my feet pretty much all day and my lower back was feeling it. Last night, I was so excited to sleep, but I did not sleep well AGAIN. I was so frustrated because I knew how bad my body and mind needed a really good, deep sleep, but it just didn't happen. 

I got up and let myself wake up for a while; Rubes and I watched some MegSquats videos and I visualized myself squatting 300lbs today. Then I showered, stretched, had my protein oats, and told myself it was all gonna be fine and I was going to hit my numbers and then know that I could do anything if my mind was right. 


My warm up sets and all of my sets went great. I squatted 290lbs and stood up with it faster than ever. Then, I went for 300, came out of the hole fast, and lost it on the way up. I went for it again, and the same thing happened. I was nervous. I kind of felt like my whole body wasn't working together. My best lifts happen when my entire body is in sync and every part of me feels connected, if that makes sense? I can only explain it as my bottom half being disconnected from my top half and they weren't talking to or helping one another. I was mad. I was sad. I really felt like I was going to get it after feeling and seeing what my 290 looked like. I am disappointed in myself. Then, I did 4x1 with 275 and they were fine, but I was still just upset and spent some time thinking about what my attempts will be at the meet.

Last June, my max back squat at the meet was 122.5kg (270.1 lbs). I am the type of person who does better taking smaller jumps, and of course I want to make sure I nail my first attempt. As of today, I am planning on having these be my planned squat attempts: 127.5 kg (281lbs), 132.5kg (292lbs) , 135kg (297lbs). Of course, this could change. I may end up lowering my opener to 125kg (275.6lbs) depending on how this week goes, how I feel, how nervous I am, etc. I wouldn't raise my opener for a few reasons. First of all, squats come first, nerves are high, and who knows what could happen. Also, it's good to feel out the judges. I never have a problem with squatting deep enough, but again, better safe than sorry. Finally, my two main goals for this meet are to qualify for Nationals and to do better than last year. Even if I only make my first attempt, this opener would put me in a good position to meet both of those goals. 

Bench went better, even though I wasn't feeling super happy (see Instagram for a video!) I worked up to 175lb again, and did 4 sets of 1 with commands, and they all went well. Then I did 2x1 with 165lb and three second pauses. Bench attempts are still up in the air, but we are thinking of either opening with 75kg (165.3lb) or 77.5kg (170.9lb) and going from there. Again, we will see how I feel, but I'd love to open with 77.5kg (170.9lb), go up to 80kg (176.4lb), and then attempt 82.5kg (181.9lb) as my final attempt. 

After that, I felt a little better and just started thinking about how I have now squatted 290lbs at least 5 times and that is pretty awesome. Sometimes, high expectations aren't all they're cracked up to be ;) I had banded deadlifts, trap bar deadlifts from a 4" deficit, and weighted thick bar chin-ups to finish up my training today. I did feel better after all that, and then we went to eat, and went to Target, which helped as well. 


Stress, lack of downtime, and worrying do not serve me and my goal for this entire week is to LET THEM ALL GO. It is going to be a happy, relaxing, lucky-to-be-alive-and-be-able-to-lift-and-compete-at-all type of week!

A nice relaxing shower, more food, and a pretty quiet afternoon (back in my pajamas) was a good start. I had a half of a bagel, some turkey tips, and lemonade for technically my fourth meal of the day.


And peanut butter a little while later. 


For dinner, Mike grilled up some chicken breast tenders with spicy buffalo rub on them and I had a big salad and broccoli. Not pictured: 3 different Bolthouse yogurt dressings haha. 


To make the whole upcoming meet thing make more sense to you (and so I can remember), here are my stats from last year's full meet. Also, here are the BLOG POSTS about it. It was on June 4, 2016 and it was not an USAPL meet- it was a 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation meet which is the federation my coach's gym is affiliated with. I competed in the 60kg weight class (they have different weight classes than USAPL) and weighed in at 128.6 I believe. Squat: 122.5kg (270.1lb)  Bench: 70kg (165.3lb)  Deadlift: 140kg (308.6lb). I also did a push-pull meet about a month and a half later and got the 77.5kg (170.9lb) bench and 145kg (319.7lb) deadlift I knew I could get.

This year, I am competing in the USAPL. My goal is to qualify for Nationals and go play with the big girls in Florida in October. By "big girls", I mean super competitive, super amazing girls who I look up to. To see what I mean, please see the American records for the females in my weight class. I will be in the 63kg (138.8lb) weight class, and I've been consistently waking up weighing right at 138lbs for a while now, so I should be right around there on the morning of the meet. Weigh-ins are 2 hours before lifting, whereas in the some federations they are the night before, or even 24 hours before the meet. Last year, they were the night before the meet, so it was one less thing to think about on meet day. But, seeing how consistent my weight has been and how I do not want to lose any, I will not be too worried. Just might need to weigh in with no clothes on if things go awry. YIKES. 

Well, that's all for tonight. I'm off to have my casein milkshake! Hope your weekend was great!


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