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that makes two of us

that makes two of us

Hello lovelies.

This morning I had heavy squat singles and heavyish bench press clusters. For the clusters, I do 5 singles with 25 seconds of rest between them, and then do that for 3 sets. So, today I used 155 lbs and did 15 total reps. They all felt really good and solid, and Mike gave me commands which was awesome too! In between my bench sets I had some special chest stretches, and then I had barbell rows and 3 point deadlift holds to finish up.

Breakfast was an egg white omelette filled with grilled veggies and rye toast. 


I came home and finished writing up a meal plan for my coach, which was super fun because he gets to eat like 8x more than me. Not really, but close hahah! My Ruby did what she does best and guarded the couch.


I washed a bunch of sneakers that hadn't been washed in awhile today. Spring cleaning, I suppose. 


These are my least favorite of Mike's shoes. They just reappeared after being in the storage unit for a long time.... they may need to get "lost" again!!

This might be my new favorite thing to eat...PB Blasts cereal, chocolate protein, and unsweetened almond milk. Oh my. 


This afternoon, I put on my light gray pair of Wunder Unders and realized that it had been a long time since I'd worn them. I actually remember the day I wore them and thought about how I was with my friend that day. Then I thought about how I hadn't seen her in awhile (too long). AND THEN, she texted me and asked if I was busy!!! It was the weirdest thing ever! So I went and visited with her for a couple of hours, which was really nice. It also left me feeling weird because I realize how different I am from most people these days :/

I enjoyed a white Monster and complete silence as I drove and thought deep thoughts. Then I dropped off my coach's meal plan and he got to hear it all lol. 


When I got home, I found that Bo was in a mood too and took it out on some empty cereal boxes. I get it, Bo Bo. That makes two of us.


I had some peanut butter and then dinner was something you'll be seeing on repeat for a while. I made a perfect egg white burrito. I filled it with steamed zucchini and summer squash and peppered it up just the way I like it!


Now, it's time for my casein milkshake in a bowl. Some people have asked how I make it, so here is the link to the post. To make it more milkshake-y, I just add more liquid (I've been using about 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk and 1/2 cup cold water) and use a little less xanthan gum. You honestly just have to play around with it. 

Have a good night!Β 


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