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a great lift and our garage gym expansion

a great lift and our garage gym expansion

Happy Sunday! I had a great lift this morning at the gym with my coach. This is the last week of the program I'm currently on, so I had heavy squat singles, triples, and pause squats, which were all.... easy!!! I also worked up to a one rep max on bench from the pins. I put a video of it on IG, but I worked up to 185lbs and it felt great! I had some back off sets at 90% after that and worked on speed. For all the rest of my lifts, I had sets of 8 or 10 and was feeling the burnnnnn!

I was pretty beat and so ready to eat afterward! High carb/protein, low fat post workout meal...


Then we went and got more flooring for the other half of our garage gym at Tractor Supply! I've been like a child begging Mike for this for so long now, so I was excited that we were finally doing it!

I did not photo all my food today, but I did have some more protein and carbs in the form of ice cream this afternoon.


And then we got to work in the garage! Yesterday I spent hours cleaning, moving, and organizing things. Today, our friend came over and helped us adjust the rig- we moved it to the left a bit, bolted a board into the wall, then screwed the rig into the board because one side wasn't screwed into a stud before and wasn't secure enough! Then, I painted the board white so it blends in with the wall, and rehung the flag and clock. After that, we laid down the flooring on the other half of the garage. I am obsessed with how it looks and feels having all the extra useable floor space. Next up... mirrors!!!


We finally showered up around 6pm and headed to the store for some meat for the week. I was happy to see that western Massachusetts is keeping up with the rest of the world and now has Kombucha on tap. I don't drink this stuff, but I'm happy for the people who do hahah.


Dinner was spinach, kale, zucchini, summer squash, and turkey burger. It tasted like summer.


Then I had Magic Pop with PB2 and cinnamon mixed in...


Casein and peanut butter are up next, along with finally relaxing for a little bit. Things have been so busy lately, and it was such a busy weekend, I am ready for April vacation (9 school days left!!)

Have a great night!

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