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low key

Happy Wednesday, friends!! This morning, I had (pretty tough) incline bench press, easy front squat triples, weighted chin ups, shoulder mobility work, and good mornings! Then I had BREAKFAST!

I've been loving riced cauliflower lately, mainly because it is just EASY. I cooked it up with some broccoli and added in my egg whites. It was really good! I had a cinnamon raisin bagel with jelly for my carbs, and leftover iced coffee from my ride home yesterday... no coffee goes to waste!


I went out and did a few errands (Pottery Barn, TJMaxx, HomeGoods), and then headed back home. I had to go around and label the inside and outside of every cabinet for the people who are replacing our hinges and for the painter! Then I had this salad with leftover chicken and Ezekiel bread with jelly. 


I did some work and then had a piece of a pita with peanut butter while the pups begged like usual. 


If you saw my Instagram, Scout sent me this beautiful Zodiac Cuff Bracelet and I am obsessed. I've been wearing it alone and stacking it with my four favorite silver and gold bracelets! They make awesome gifts and are super inexpensive for how nice they are. Plus, you can get 15% off by entering your email address on Scout's website! LOVE.


This afternoon, I steamed some more riced cauliflower in the microwave and added Rao's marinara and Kernel Season's white cheddar seasoning. It was like comfort food on a quiet afternoon!

Today has been much more low key purposely. My peaking program has me training with more intensity every other day, which is part of why I went to my sister's yesterday, right after my intense training session. I know my body REALLY well at this point, and I know that being in the car for a long time and just being out and about all day does have an effect on how my body feels. But, I knew that today's lift would be fine even if I was feeling a little tired, so that's why I made yesterday my busier day. Tomorrow, though, is a more intense day and I need to feel good for it, so I am laying pretty low today and preparing for that. Does that make sense haha?!


I had some Puffins while I put a salad together and got ready for dinner.ย  


Dinner was a chicken burger and greens and tasted like summer once again.ย 


I'm about to go make my casein and get to bed soon! I had some wacky nightmare about a lockdown at school that woke me up and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it all day๐Ÿ˜ฑ!! Have a good rest of your night!ย 

that makes two of us

that makes two of us

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