right down the sink

It was a nice, quiet Saturday over here! It was a nonntraining day for me, so I had some BCAAs and started on some work while Mike did some more cleaning.


I took a little break and made us breakfast before he had to go to work. 


A little while later, I made some Magic Pop "nachos". I just broke up a couple of cakes and poured some PB2 and sugar free syrup over them. A sweet low calorie, low fat, and low carb treat.


Around lunchtime, I decided to make a shake with chocolate protein, unsweetened almond milk, and Unico's "Greater Greens". 


I wanted to love this stuff, but I drank a few sips and tried holding my nose, and ended up pouring my shake right down the sink. I just couldn't do it. I don't think it was even the spinach-y taste that did it, I think it's because it is sweetened with Stevia and it just was not good at all to my taste buds!  

So, instead of that, I made real food. I baked up some fresh muffin tin egg whites and had them with nice crispy green peppers and cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread. I had the bread cold so that's why the butter isn't melted in the picture- and I sprinkled Kernel Seasons kettle corn on it too :) 


When Mike got home, we sat in the sunshine with the pups fo awhile before heading out on some errands. Then we had a nice early dinner at one of our favorite places. Mike cut my salad up for me after I took this picture and it was amazing! 


When we finished up, the bartender told us that our bill was already taken care of.... what?!? The strangers who were sitting across from us at the bar bought our dinners (all 3 of them because Mike had 2 meals haha)!! We were so surprised and didn't really know what to do. They said that we looked like really good people and to pay it forward! Will do! I told Mike that it was probably because they saw him being a super nice husband and cutting my food up for me!! That was a first for both of us, and extremely nice of those people!

Now it's casein soft serve + Hallmark movie channel time :) Hope you had a great day!