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good good friday + thoughts on gaining weight

good good friday + thoughts on gaining weight

Hi there!! Today was such a nice start to my little vacation! Mike came and woke me up from a deep sleep at 6:15 and told me I was being like Ruby (aka a lazy bum!!!) So I came down stairs and woke up for a little bit before heading out to the garage with him. He was still only on his first lift, so I didn't feel sooo lazy/late!

I finished my lift and Mike and my dad tested the sprinklers out to make sure they're good to go for the season. Then, we went to breakfast and took our sweet time. 


When we got back, Mike went to work for a bit and I cleaned. Ruby hid from the vacuum and laid in the sunshine, which is her absolute favorite thing to do. 


Mike came home and got ready to go golfing and I had him grill me a turkey burger. I had that with zucchini noodles and marinara sauce and it was nice to have a hot, fresh, midday meal! 


I had a pita with butter, cinnamon, and sugar for dessert. 


I did some work, had some peanut butter Puffins, and then decided to go grab a few things for the house at Anthropologie and Pottery Barn. I got some cute new plates and stocked up on candles at Anthro, and got some cereal bowls to match our dinnerware set and some nice new pillow covers at Pottery Barn.


On the way home, I stopped at they gym for a little bit and then the market. I came home and replaced our wintery pillow covers with the new ones and Ruby was very interested in her new bedding (this is the couch where she spends 96% of her life!!)


I had a snickerdoodle milkshake because I wasn't sure when Mike would get home from golfing, and I did not want to end up hangry... 


...followed by a pita with peanut butter and jelly. 


Later on, when he got home, I filled up on greens: cucumbers and peppers with Bolthouse ranch. 


And now, I am having my big (new) bowl of casein soup!! I am loving this new texture I've figured out- it tastes like melted ice cream! 


Aside from my normal post today, I also wanted to talk about gaining weight! 

When I stopped Crossfitting (January 2016) and started training solely as a Powerlifter, it was pretty easy to keep my weight stable at around 130-134 pounds. I was also doing a lot of walking and low intensity cardio, and I was getting stronger and my body was changing and becoming more muscular, due to the new focus on strength training. I was maintaining my weight and fueling my training based on the volume and intensity each day. I was in a great place to compete in the 60kg (132 lbs) weight class in the 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation, which is the federation the gym I train at on Sundays is affiliated with. 

After two successful meets last summer where I set some new state records and performed according to plan at about 129 lbs on both meet days, I decided I wanted something more. In August, my coach and I talked a lot about what to do and where to go next. I personally wanted to compete in the USAPL. The thing was, I was right in the middle of two weight classes, which is not ideal. I knew there was no way I could cut to the lower weight class of 57kg (125lbs) because at that time I had at least 120lbs of lean body mass alone. The next weight class was 63kg (138lbs), which is an extremely competitive weight class and a lot of girls in that class train at around 150lbs and cut down to 138 for meets (through dieting and water cuts). We obviously decided that I would compete in the 63kg class and that I was going to spend all fall and winter growing into it.

Well, grow into it I did! I altered my nutrition (by learning lots and lots about the science of nutrition via RP and my own body), and my coach took care of the smart and purposeful training programming. Eight months later, I am up about eight pounds, most of which is muscle. I did a nice slow mass with maintenance periods throughout because I did not want to find myself in a position where I had to cut for the 63kg weight class, and I am not interested in doing a water cut. I want to be competitive, but I also want competing in powerlifting to remain a FUN and sustainable part of my life! 

I attribute remaining lean throughout this time to keeping my food choices the same as always and putting in periods of maintenance throughout so my body could adjust. I did not start eating "cheat meals" or foods that don't make me feel good. I stuck with the foods I always eat, which you see on repeat if you read my blog at all. I increased the amounts of healthy carbs and healthy fats as needed. 

I am the kind of person who gains and loses weight all over pretty evenly, and my coach's programming allowed me to really gain muscle all over. My shoulders, back, arms, entire core, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and even calves have all grown. We really wanted my hamstrings, glutes, and core to grow and strengthen the most, but all my parts really did. This has been incredible for my strength, not so incredible for my wardrobe!

Thankfully, I have an awesome little support system including my friend Alessandra, my husband, and my coach, who have been there to listen to me talk about this and help me through it! Being able to talk about it and go shopping with another girl who is so much like me helped me think about the whole thing in a different light. It's really nice to know that there is someone else out there who is just like me. Hearing my husband tell me he's so glad my butt is bigger and that he wants it to get even bigger made me feel better too. Every day, he is there training with me telling me how awesome and strong I look, so he's just the best. And then there's my coach, who gets so excited when he notices even the slightest changes in my muscles and strength and he's always pushing for me to get bigger and better. He thinks its awesome when old pants and tops don't fit and he doesn't think the 63kg class may not be the end for me. Yikes. Having these three has made my life exponentially better :) The lack of clothes out in the world that fit me properly has also helped me save lots of money, so there is that too. All that saved money goes to more gym equipment, house stuff, cute bikinis, and food!


Have a good night and I'll see you tomorrow!!

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