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could have something to do with that

Happy Thursday! It's like a Friday for so many of us, andddddd it's the start of my school vacation! I'm just looking forward to ten days of extra downtime and not having to rush around. And maybe some meals not eaten out of Tupperware!

This morning, I had back squats, bench press, barbell rows, chest stretches, and 3 point deadlift holds. It felt really good to be squatting and benching last year's maxes multiple times with ease. Soon, my coach and I will start thinking about openers for the meet, and those just might be my openers this year. The added muscle could have something to do with that... check out last May 4th, and then this morning...


We went to breakfast afterwards to celebrate the last day before school vacation. I had my normal egg white omelette with broccoli, spinach, onions, and peppers. Their rye toast is so good, and for some reason it was extra delicious today.


The most amazing thing happened too. We found out that they have sugar free syrup! I use their regular syrup, especially post training for some extra carbs, but this stuff was really good and I can save those carbs for something else. Yesssss.


At school. I was simple and boring and had chocolate protein oats for a couple of meals again...


And loads of leftover asparagus. Definitely my favorite cooked vegetable because I can eat it hot or cold, and plain or with salt and pepper/Kernel Seasons seasoning.


My para is one of those special people who really goes all out for holidays and all that. She also actually pins stuff on Pinterest and then follows through and makes it! She made these cute Rice Crispy treat eggs for the kids, and the cute basket.Β 


I got my lashes done today and then came home to this cute Easter gift from my mom. Another extra thoughtful/creative person...Β 


I had a giant Greek salad with grilled chicken for dinner...


with a pretty view (minus the ugly bare trees)....


and Magic Pop with peanut butter and some sugar free jelly. 


A peanut butter and chocolate casein milkshake and my vitamins wrapped up my day! Have a nice night, and tomorrow I will be sharing a post about a "hot" topic with you guysπŸ’•

good good friday + thoughts on gaining weight

good good friday + thoughts on gaining weight

23 more days