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Hello there! What a busy busy day! It started with three sets of heavy deadlifts, which were 5 pounds less than my max from last year! No belt, no sticking point, and they felt so so strong (despite the fact that I was kind of out of it and tired from a restless sleep... boo). I followed that with five more singles at about 90% of that. Then I had bench press, also at my max from last summer, and I focused on staying extremely tight and getting the bar nice and stable on my chest quickly. Those were my main lifts of the day and I followed it up with weighted dips, seal rows, and one legged hip ups. It was a good morning.

Bo is the keeper of all things in the garage gym... wherever you are working or lifting, he will sit right off to the side and keep watch. 


After a quick shower, I refueled with protein oats that had some blackberries and strawberries floating in them. It was delicious and refreshing--- my throat/top of my mouth is still no bueno. I only let these oats and protein soak in the almond milk for about two minutes- I'm telling you, they're good no matter what. 


I also brought chocolate protein oats to school because they're so simple and amazing and filling and cold and awesome. 


Fresh, cold cucumbers with ranch are on repeat these days. 


After school, I went for a Brazilian Blowout and a haircut. I am a super low maintenance girl beauty wise, so these things save my life. I have very thick, coarse, curly, kinky hair that normally would take about an hour of annoyingness to blow dry and straighten. I just do not have time or patience for that any longer. Back in August, I got my first Brazilian Blowout, and it literally changed my whole life. I go about every four months and it is 10000000% worth it for a girl like me. The other day, Mike saw me having to use a straightener after drying my hair, and he was like "Ummmm why are you doing that?" and immediately got me hooked up with a blowout appointment. He just gets me. 


We had dinner out on the deck and it honestly felt like summer... told ya things are looking up! I had a big salad with some Boathouse salsa ranch dressing on it, and grilled turkey burger. Summer on a plate. 


Afterwards, I had some Magic Pop and peanut butter on one of my favorite plates ever. 


And, of course, I ended the night with a nice freezing cold chocolate and PB casein milkshake. 


See you tomorrow! 

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