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i taught him well

After my lift this morning, Mike made my breakfast while I got ready for school. I've taught him well. This was broccoli and egg whites with whole wheat waffles and sugar free syrup. Today was a pretty low volume training day and included some overhead presses, heavy paused front squats (220 lb!!), handstand push ups, hip ups, shoulder mobility work, and band pull aparts (which I actually do 100 of every day!!) Check out my IG if you want to see a couple clips from this morning.


At snack time, I had cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread with Light Canola Oil butter and strawberry jelly.


I was going to bring leftover stuffed peppers , but decided against it at the last minute. I have this weird and super painful canker sore and a cut way in the back of my mouth that are killing me and making my throat hurt. So I just brought snickerdoodle protein powder and almond milk with tons of ice in it. I'm really glad I did because it was refreshing and felt good on my poor throat!


Cold cucumbers did too... 


After school I had to stop at WalMart and it made me kind of want to punch someone. Going before school is a much much much better plan than going right after, but I just haven't had the time lately! I had to get a bunch of fun stuff for school and festivities we have going on this week, but I made sure to stock up on Kernel Season's seasonin while I was there. These are my three favorite flavors right here and I use them on pretty much anything and everything if I'm wanting some extra flavor. 


I came home, showered, worked on some super secret stuff, and had some PB on a pita.  


For dinner, we had baked chicken with roasted broccoli and asparagus. 


Our bottles and my vitamins have their very own cabinet, which is nice. This is actually part of a little nook in the kitchen that has a upper cabinets, a wine rack (empty), a counter top (where we keep our Ninja and fitmark lunch bags), drawers, and a cabinet underneath (where we keep all of our different proteins and Karbolyn). I'll give you a little video tour sometime next month so you can see for yourself :) 


We unpacked and washed most of our dishes, and I forgot how giant our regular dinnerware was. Loveeeee. This bowl is enormous, which tells how how much volume is involved in my casein milkshake/pro-yo! 


Hope your Monday was great!!!  

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