nothing sounded good

I slept sooo good last night and woke up feeling awesome this morning! Mike cleaned while I put some finishing touches on the vanity. Then I made breakfast for us: egg whites, broccoli, onions, and peppers.


It was a nasty, slushy day here, but I had lots of work to do so it didn't really matter to me! When Mike went to work, I headed to Lowe's for some hinges. I also searched for the last two lights we need- the outdoor ones! I can't wait to hang those once it is just a little nicer out. 


Here are a couple before and afters of the master bathroom/vanity! It's crazy how turning the orangey oak to white changes the whole color and warmth of the room. I still want to build a frame around the mirror, so I have to think about how I will do that! 


Nothing sounded good to me, so snickerdoodle pro-yo and a pita with peanut butter it was.


I sat down for a couple of hours and started my final exam for my certification. I got about 1/10 of it done, so it's a start!

I needed some greens in my body, but still nothing was sounding good. I decided to go to the juice bar and get a smoothie. This had spinach, cucumbers, blueberries, coconut water, and whey protein and it did the trick! 


I got home and started stage 1 of revamping/expanding the garage gym! Tomorrow afternoon, we will be putting more flooring down on the other side of the garage, and I will show you a pic of stage 1 of this project!! 

I made turkey taco salads for dinner. Greens finally sounded good, and you can't tell how giant this bowl is from this picture, but it's huge and was full of spinach, kale, peppers, and cucumbers! 


I also had a pita with Light Canola Oil butter, Kernel Season's Kettle Corn seasoning, and cinnamon. Rubes thought it looked good!


And for my bedtime snack, I had a chocolate casein milkshake and Magic Pop with PB2. 


Hope you had a great Saturday!