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this is my 5am face

I woke up like this. Really. I've been sleeping so good and sleeping enough (7-8 hours) and waking up feeling pretty good lately. As soon as my alarm goes off, I literally jump out of bed and start thinking about what's on my training program and mentally preparing myself for whatever it is. My advice for people who have trouble getting up and working out, or just getting up in general: make the first thing you do each day be your favorite part of your day. I have my coffee, wake up for about 20 minutes while cuddling Ruby, brush my teeth, get dressed and then head out to the garage- the best part of my day.


I had started my magical intra-shake and was all warmed up by 5:13- perfect. I like to be almost finished with my biggest lift of the morning by 6am. That way I have enough time to finish the rest of my training by 7, which is my goal time to get inside and shower on work days.


I am loving my new lifters. I have worn the Inov8 Fast Lifts for awhile now, and I love them, but these Romaleos feel even more solid. The heel is especially hard and a little higher than the Inov8s, which really helps me feel planted on bench and squats, and helps me drive through the floor.  


Today I had heavy bench presses, spoto presses with the slingshot, heavy back squats and pause squats, heavy deadlift holds and accessory work (see Instagram if you're interested). Theme of the day/week...heavy. My next program is going to be squat heavy, so I'm excited for that! 

Bo Bo thinks he's the boss of the new neighborhood. He kind of is.


These are my lunches that I brought to school. Turkey and honeycrisp apples on Joseph's pitas with honey mustard, plus loads of greens.  It was so so good.


Before I left the house, I had peanut butter Puffins with snickerdoodle protein and almond milk as my post workout meal. Also so delicious. 


I knew I couldn't get a coffee after school because I had a dentist appointment and teeth whitening, (which means no colored food for the night) so I treated myself before school instead. At Starbucks, I get a venti iced coffee with soy milk. I sipped on it and savored the last few moments of silence before the kids came into class.


After school I went to the dentist. At every 6 month checkup, they whiten my teeth afterward, which is basically the only real reason I go #imachild. It's so nice and so relaxing in the office- it's honestly like going to a spa! 


I listened to my book that I started in Mexico while I was whitening. It's so good, and I want it to be made into a movie (maybe a Hallmark movie haha)!!  


You're not allowed to have vibrantly colored foods for awhile afterwards, so it was a bland looking night for me, which is not normal and pretty sad actually!

I had a Joseph's pita with peanut butter...


And then dinner was chicken and riced cauliflower. So ugly, but really good!


I guess I'm on a casein milkshake kick, so I had a snickerdoodle one with Nuts-n-More on the side. You've probably noticed that I don't like mixing my PB with my shakes or pro-yo, I like it by itself on the side!!


And that's it for today!! We are relaxing for a bit on the couch and then moving it to the bed because the sooner I go to bed, the sooner it will be my BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you had a good day!  

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