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create yourself

Hi friends! Happy Monday! As with every day, it started with COFFEE. Do any of you guys have the Rae Dunn mugs? A bunch of interior designers I follow on Instragram have so much of her stuff, but I don't know if people outside of that "bubble" have seen it! Clearly, I'm in the bubble. I got this one before Christmas at Marshalls, and it was hard picking the word I wanted. I searched through and considered hustle, wifey, zen, and dozens more, but I ultimately went with CREATE. When I see the word, I think it's pretty powerful. Create your day. Create your happiness. Create your life. Create yourself to be who you want to be. You are in charge of you, you are the boss of your own life, and that's pretty powerful. I like seeing that word and thinking those things to start my day. 


This morning's lift lived up to my expectations of "week 4". The last week of the program is usually pretty tough and pushes my "limits". I had a bunch of sets of heavy overhead press and front squats which took the majority of the time, then a chin up variation, Powell raises and underhand barbell rows. 

After showering and getting ready for school, I could not eat my snickerdoodle protein overnight oats fast enough. Carbs and protein straight to the muscles!!!!!


My first graders are so distracted by me and my water and all my drinks. Whether I pour it into a water bottle or drink it out of the big one, they are constantly staring at me, whispering about me, and not doing their work!!! 


I had regular oats (no snickerdoodle protein) and egg whites with broccoli at my prep time... 


and all kinds of greens and more egg whites and regular oats at lunchtime. 


In reading and writing we are talking about FOOD! I love it because I try teaching them about healthy eating and being healthy in general. To start brainstorming, I had them draw their favorite food on a plate and start brainstorming all about it on the back... Pretty good for 6 year olds, and pretty good for me coming up with this off the top of my head #monday. 


After school, I stopped at BJs because there are certain things there I just NEED from there and not the grocery store! The tuna was a request from Mike- ew! I've actually never eaten canned tuna but I don't think I will. 


I told myself I could stop for an iced coffee on the way home if I finished the last bit of water. Done.


This is 3/4 decaf and 1/4 regular, but it's like an afternoon treat for me. 


I did some stuff online and then started dinner and cut up some fresh greens. 


Dinner was salmon, asparagus, and raw veggies.  


And then, I was still too full from dinner so I just had a casein shake (instead of pro-yo) with peanut butter and birthday cake Nuts-n-More. 


Hope you guys had a great Monday! Time to sleeeep!!

this is my 5am face

(trying to be) super strong sunday