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i'm busy resting

Hello on a Saturday night (weird, I know!) Saturdays are usually my rest day now that I'm training 6 days a week, unless I have to change my schedule around for some reason. Rest days are obviously a rest from training, but they should also include some full on REST. Like sleep, veg out, and rest your body and mind.

When you spend every other day of the week training hard and then working full time, it can catch up to you if you don't allow yourself some honest to goodness rest! I've been so busy and have wanted to get so much done that my non-training days over the past couple months haven't been very restful at all. This week was an especially tough one at work, and although all of my training was great and my body felt great, I am mentally drained. A mental and physical rest day was definitely in order.

I slept in until 7!! 

I slept in until 7!! 

We went to dinner for Mike's birthday last night and quickly remembered why we don't go out on Friday nights. We were both completely exhausted, could barely form sentences or keep our eyes open, and it just wasn't enjoyable. As soon as we got home, all we wanted to do was sleep (this was like 8pm hahahah!!) Best sleep ever though! I woke up to Bo barking like crazy and Mike vacuuming and cleaning like a maniac. I had my coffee and vitamins (vitamin C, multi vitamin, and biotin) and just lounged for a while, and enjoyed not having to rush around for anything.  


That didn't last too long, though, and I somehow ended up replacing all of the toilet paper holders in the house with the new oil rubbed bronze ones we bought. There are so many little things to switch out to change the overall feel and style of this house, but they make a huge difference. So far, we have changed the doorknobs and hinges on the second floor, all curtains and rods, and all light fixtures, and rugs. We are getting there, friends!


Ruby just sat in the sunshine and enjoyed her Saturday morning too.


Mike took Bo to the groomer and went to work, so I decided I should probably start my day and have some breakfast. I made muffin tin egg whites (sprayed the muffin tin, poured in a container of egg whites, baked at 375 for about 10-15 minutes) and zucchini noodles.  


I also baked a piece of cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread and put Land o Lakes Light Canola Oil butter on it. 


For my next meal, I wanted something sweet, so I just made pro-yo. Chocolate pro-yo with PB2 covered my protein and carbs for the meal and I didn't have my greens (I will double up on greens later on, don't you worry!) 


Then I snuggled with Ruby's bum for awhile. 


I had a PB+ J on a Joseph's pita while watching a Hallmark movie and waiting for Mike to come home from from work.


Then we went to do a couple of errands and eat an early bird dinner. I'm always on the hunt for huge, delicious salads because I need my greens, especially at dinner! This salad was GIGANTIC and probably had at least 3 cups of greens in the huge bowl. The grilled chicken on it was really good too. I finished the whole thing.


We stopped at the grocery store on the way home to stock up on some things we needed for the week. Pro tip: Saturday nights > than Sundays at the grocery store! 


And now I'm back to resting. We are probably going to watch another Hallmark movie, I'll have my casein pro-yo and some peanut butter, take my ZMA and melatonin and go to bed nice and early! 

Hope you had a nice Saturday! 

(trying to be) super strong sunday

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