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back from my hiatus, and watch out

Happy Friday!!! And happy happy birthday to my most favorite person on this planet... 


This morning, we lifted and then went on our Friday morning breakfast date! I had to bring candles so all of Mike's old-timer friends at the restaurant (he goes there every work day) would know it was his birthday. Thirty six sounds so old to me, but my husband really truly is getting better each year that goes by. He's always been an amazing person, but health and fitness wise, he is in the best place he's ever been in (it might have a tiny bit to do with who he married ;) 

Anyways, I am just popping in super quick on this Friday afternoon to let you know that my blogging hiatus is officially over! I have just really not been in the mood to blog at all until now, and I won't really get into why on here, but just know that I'm back, so watch out!!

One thing that has gotten me really excited to blog a few times a week again is the fact that I registered for my first USAPL meet! Last year, I competed in the 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation because that is the federation the gym that I am coached out of is affiliated with. USAPL is a much more competitive and well known/respected federation that I wanted to make the switch to- and now I am! I will explain more on Sunday, but I am going to take you along for the ride and bring you behind the scenes for the next 9 weeks preparing for my big meet! 

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