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gonna need more plates

To start my training this morning, I was alternating between sets of incline bench and deadlifts. I was literally using every plate we own and had to keep switching the 2.5's from bar to bar.... I think we're gonna need more plates because, well, gainz!!!!! Also, my deadlifts are getting better and better each week and I kind of can't hide my excitement. It's been a long time coming! (See IG for a video from this morning:)


Today was a blur of a busy day! I brought three meals' worth of carbs and two meals' worth of protein in the form of overnight oats. They were nice and thick today and I enjoyed every bite throughout the day! Sometimes I like them more cereal-like, so I add a little extra almond milk, but this time I was in the mood for a more sticky texture and they hit the spot.


At lunch, I had cucumbers and green peppers with a chicken sausage. I mentioned before that these are very high in sodium, so I don't have them often, but they are very good! Regular mustard is perfect on them too.  


After school, it felt amazing to walk out into the springy air!!! So many exciting things are ahead, I am so ready for this time of year. I went home, showered, and headed over to the gym to do some work!!! Bo came to see his buddy and they tired each other out pretty good. 


We came home and had some snacks while dinner was cooking... 


And then dinner was baked salmon and roasted asparagus!  I'm pretty sure asparagus is my favorite vegetable, followed by broccoli, cucumbers, peppers, and kale!


Casein, PB, and bed ASAP!!!  


Hope you had a good day!!! 

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