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10 things that make me feel better instantly

Hey guys! There are a lot of things in my life that are out of my control at the moment and it is quite frustrating at times. This morning, I was thinking about what I can do to make myself less stressed, annoyed, and just feel better about everything. There are so many things that I CAN control that DO make me happy and make me feel like myself that I am consistently doing. When they are not done, my life feels "messy". Maybe that makes me crazy, but lots of things do. Here they are...

10 things that make me feel better instantly

1. Making the bed. This just makes me feel neat and put together and it takes 6 seconds to do.

2. Shaving. Nothing feels better than being freshly shaved, and nothing feels worse than being, well, not.

3. A stocked fridge. If we are out of one of our staples, I feel like my life is in shambles. I need a constantly stocked fridge with all my foods ready to go!

4. A full tank of gas. I absolutely HATE stopping to get gas and pumping it, but having a full tank makes me feel at ease.

5. A car wash and vacuum. I have a white car and cannot stand when it is dirty. We have the monthly car wash pass, so I can stop and get a wash every day if I want to. Having a nice clean and shiny car makes me really happy.

6. A clean inbox. I hate having to save emails. I have maybe 15 emails that I've saved over the past three years because they have important links in them. Other than that, they go to my trash and I hope I never need them again.

7. Tidy closets. This is something that definitely sets the tone for my day. I need to be able to easily find exactly what I'm looking for without going through a mess of stuff to find it. This is something that's been bothering me so much because the closet I am currently using is way too small for my things. (When we move into the Master bedroom, my closet is going to be heavenly!!)

8. Having cash on me. I NEVER used to have cash on me, but now Mike and I try and only spend cash. It does feel nice to know I don't have to rely on a debit or credit card all the time, I don't have to worry about going places and finding out they only take cash, and I can make change for people if they need it ;)

9. An organized purse. As with the closets, the state of my purse tells a lot about the state of my life. If I'm rushed, busy, and stressed, my bag is a mess and it drives me crazy. 

10. Girly things. Having my nails and eyelashes done every couple weeks honestly may be the only thing actually holding me together. Go ahead an judge away! 

and more because I keep thinking of more... 

a clean gym floor, bleaching all our white things, lots of ice in my drinks, anthropoligie candles burning, knowing my classroom is neat and ready for the next day, knowing I have time to relax later on, having no dirty laundry or dishes (thanks mike!!), being completely stocked on all home supplies and toiletries (Mike made me this way by always needing to have a "backup" of pretty much everything!) I could go on and on.

This morning's lift went great. I had heavy triples on bench and paused Spoto presses, then heavy paused back squats for to a box (sets of 5s and 3s!), followed by pull ups, dips, and snatch grip RDLs.

The makings of my magical intra shake at 4:50am... 


I also threw muffin tin egg whites in the oven while the garage heated up. I just spray the tin, put in some tiny pieces of frozen broccoli, pot the egg whites in, and this time I sprinkled each one with crushed red pepper. I bake them at 375 for 10-15 minutes until they're no longer watery! 


It was a Tuesday morning miracle when I found this ice cold Monster in my gym bag. My intrashake was gone and I still had my accessory work to do, so the Monster pretty much made my morning! 


I took my vitamins before heading to work- multi, vitamin C, and biotin. 


Protein oats are one of my top 5 favorite things to eat these days. Mike is hooked too. 


Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel bread is also in the top 5. 


Egg white patties for some protein and a tiny bit of greens... 


Peppers for more greens...


I stopped at BJs after school to stock up and to get on with that whole making my life feel better thing. 


I got home and had a snack of a Joseph's pita and peanut butter- also in the top 5, both of those things.


Then dinner was lots of greens, carrots, and baked chicken. Next up will be casein pro-yo and some peanut butter before bed. Hope you had a great day! 


What are some things that make YOU instantly feel better?! I'd love to hear! 

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