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monday + a month since mexico

This morning, I felt probably the strongest I've ever felt, despite being a little tired (we did watch all of Patriot's Day last night, which was not exactly a relaxing bedtime show!) 

This morning I had overhead press, paused front squats, paused deadlifts, dumbbell shoulder press, and a super fun chin up variation (see IG for details!) my overhead press felt insanely strong. On my second heavy set, I hit my old one rep max (110), which I struggled to get for literally a year and a half, without even a sticking point!!!  Then I had backoff sets with high reps which still felt awesome. Front squats- same thing. It was a great start to my week. I will not lie, I DO let my performance affect my mood, sometimes for a little bit, sometimes all day long haha. Usually my training puts me in a super good and happy mood all day long, so it can be a good thing! On rare occasions, I'm not happy with how I did or how I felt, but good and bad lifts both just motivate me and make push even harder the next day.

Before I left for school, I had my post training meal of peanut butter Puffins, snickerdoodle protein, and almond milk. 


All my drinks I carry into school are a little ridiculous. Add a big lunch bag and my big purse and I am just a bit of a mess. 


At snack time, I had a banana and put some of this new Crystal Light stuff I got in my water. I didn't like it that much- I prefer the regular Crystal Light lemonade powder, probably because I put way too much and make it super strong and sour!


At lunch, I had baked chicken with buffalo seasoning on it over lots of greens. I put a little of the Bolthouse Farms dressing and it was delicious. 


I also had a Jazz apple with my lunch. 


After school, I went to BJs to get some things. At this time of year, their English cucumbers are the only ones that taste right to me, so I stocked up on those! I also got more PB2 (the brand they carry is called PBFit), broccoli, pitas, ground chicken, oats, vitamins, and laundry detergent!


The snow is melting you guys!!!! Ruby could literally sit in the sun all day, and Bo just wants to play. Here he is trying to get her to be fun, but she's an old lady.  


Dinner was baked salmon and roasted broccoli- as simple as can be. 


After dinner, I cut up a bunch of fresh green peppers and cucumbers, and got my food ready for tomorrow. Peanut butter time...


And chocolate casein pro-yo with PB2 and crunchy little sprinkle balls before it was even dark out #elderly. Tomorrow I think I am going to get a couple of new flavors of whey and casein... any recommendations?! 


Looking at today's date, I realize that it's already been a month since I went to Mexico and I didn't share any of it on the blog! My friend Meera and I decided we needed to get away or February vacation, so we booked a little girls' trip to an all inclusive resort in Cancun! The place we stayed was SO nice, it seemed like the nicest one on the strip (we walked for miles on the beach and scoped things out each day!) The food was awesome, the people were beyond nice and helpful, and we felt super fancy! It was all older couples, which was pretty funny, but perfect for low key old ladies like us!! It was a great week of relaxing and bronzing ourselves- I did post a few pictures on my Instagram and my other IG account (@liftinginlillystyle) if you are interested :)

We stayed at the Hyatt Zilara and this was the view from our room. We stayed on the top floor, right in the middle of the hotel. 


The food was so good and it was so easy to get just what I needed for each meal.


A constant stream of iced coffee was pretty nice!


Part of the deal with me going away this week was that I would stick with my normal programming. When we go to St. John over Christmas, we don't lift at all, and it's a bit of an adjustment coming back. Knowing that I had a meet coming up and goals that matter a lot to me, we purposely booked a resort with a good gym! I got up at 5 each day, lifted until about 7, then we got ready for the beach, had breakfast, and spent the rest of the day in the sun. It was pretty much my ideal life hahah!  


We pampered ourselves and got treated like queens while we were there! It was just a great getaway with a great friend in the middle of a crappy winter <3


I am beyond thankful that it's officially spring and so much new, fresh, and exciting stuff is ahead!! Hope you had a great day!

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sunday starts a little later + lasts a little longer

sunday starts a little later + lasts a little longer