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new favorite things

Hello and Happy Thursday! This morning's training included floor press, paused back squats, deadlift 3 position holds, a weighted push-up variation (see IG!), and seal rows... so fun!! I had to set up quite the contraption for those seal rows, but it was totally worth it and they may be my new favorite thing. I'll show you a video soon :) Bo doesn't look so sure about it!


I kept my first three meals (after my intrashake) so so ridiculously simple today. Oats and protein all day! It's so delicious that I crave it, and it keeps me full. It's also so fast and easy to prepare, I just figured I would make three meals worth and eat parts of it throughout the day. 

I also had a giant container of green peppers. Seriously it cannot get simpler than this. 

When I got home, my new crop top from Girls Who Powerlift was here, along with a super sweet note!!! Guys, please tell me where to get more cute/fun crop tops like this...


I showered, let the dogs out for a few minutes, and then rushed to get my nails done before my eyelash appointment #highmaintenance #butnotreally. I've said it before, but I like getting stuff like this done during the work week so it doesn't cut into my precious weekend time! Does anyone else do that too, or do you like spending part of your weekend at the salon for some "me" time??


On the way home, I picked up a case of these and I do believe Polar can do no wrong! Now I need to try all the flavors!


Dinner was turkey burger on a Joseph's pita with lots and lots of greens. I used Koop's honey mustard and Heinz reduced sugar ketchup on my burger and a little Bolthouse Farms dressing on my salad.


I had my chocolate casein pro yo with dry PB2 while listening to nothing but squeaking sneakers in the background. I really really really do not like watching basketball on TV (or in real life), so this March Madness time of year kills me. Killllls meeeee. I also hate St. Patrick's day, so I should probably just stay in a bubble for a bit hahah. 


Now it's peanut butter on Magic Pop time and I'm going to bed!  


Have a good rest of your night!

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