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snow day + a new little adventure

Our snow day started out by waking up naturally at 6am, which was so nice! We took our time drinking our coffee and then headed out to the garage for our lift! I had bench press, spoto press, back squats and paused back squats followed by weighted dips, pull ups, RDLs, and hip ups. I took some of the cues from the Squat School episode I told you about yesterday and definitely felt my quads coming more into play, which is great because my quads are pretty strong.


After we lifted, I showered and Mike made breakfast!  He put the extra riced broccoli/cauliflower in the egg whites along with broccoli florets. I had some green peppers on the side and Ezekiel bread.


My dad helped me hang three new light fixtures in all the bathrooms. They look amazing, but the bathrooms have to be painted, so I'll show you the before and after when they're all finished. I created this "to do" list when we first decided to buy this house and have been crossing things off as we have completed them. I also highlight the cost of each thing in pink once it's completed so we can see how much it all cost in the end. It's pretty cool to see how much we have actually gotten done in the past 5 months, and now there are just a few things left to make the house just the way we want it!


I made my own iced coffee to sip on through the day at home. 


Lunch was a Joseph's pita with turkey, apple slices, and honey mustard. I had leftover asparagus on the side. Side note: I eat everything cold! We never had a microwave at our old house, and at school I have no time to wait around for the microwave to be free, so I have just grown to like everything cold! 


I wanted something sweet afterwards, so I had Magic Pop with PB2 and sugar free syrup for a little snack.  


Mike has been in and out all day snow blowing and shoveling... it's a lot of work! Also, this is how Bo sleeps every night (in our bed😬) .


More Magic Pop and regular peanut butter and jelly for another little snack... 


This afternoon, I did a kind of big thing that is the first step in a new little adventure! I started my reading and took my first quiz today and feel really excited about all of it. While I was working on it, I found out that we have another snow day tomorrow... I'm not mad about it ;)


For dinner I had a nice green salad with one of the chicken sausages I showed you yesterday.  it was really good and spicy- just the way I like it! 


I had a piece of a pita with peanut butter by the fire... 


And chocolate casein protein with tiny sprinkle balls that are pointless!


Ruby gets to lick my bowl and Bo gets Mike's. It's only fair. 


A reader asked me to list the supplements I use, so here's what I'm loving lately: 

Whey/Casein Blend: PEScience Snickerdoodle or Chocolate Cupcake flavor

Casein: Dymatize Chocolate flavor

Whey: BPI Strawberry Cake flavor

Carbs: Karbolyn Fuel unflavored

I haven't taken any preworkout or BCAAs regularly in awhile. I do like the BPI Sports "Pump" and "Vortex" when I want a little pick me up!

Have a good rest of your night!



a very busy snow day

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