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strong girl sunday

I woke up feeling so much more rested today! Last night I wasn't sure I was going to survive the level of tired that I was! We actually somehow got through the whole movie we were watching, and then I passed out immediately just before 9. I woke up at 7 this morning feeling like a whole new lady. 

Literally just opened my eyes here... 

Literally just opened my eyes here... 

We got ready to go lift and I had part of a meal before training today, which I don't normally do. But I woke up hungry and new my intrashake would not be enough to carry me through my whole workout. ESPECIALLY since it was day 1 of a new program, and being 8 weeks out from my meet, this program is pretty intense. So we got me a cinnamon raisin bagel with jelly to carb up on the way there.


We also stopped for gas in the zero degree weather, and this man I married pumped it in his shorts. Sad story, though, the pump wasn't working right so we got like $6 worth of gas in 4 minutes. 


My training was great today. I'm super excited for this program- gonna work on my weaknesses and make my strengths stronger!! Check Instagram for a couple videos from this morning :) Sundays are usually pretty long, but I got through the last part of my training quicker than normal by thinking about getting to play with Juno when I was done! He's the cutest everrrrrr.


Also I need a bigger gym bag. Or Mike needs his own! 


We went to our usual Sunday post workout breakfast spot afterwards and it was delicious. I don't think any toast will be the same after the toast Alessandra and I had yesterday, though! I can still taste it....


Then Mike and I headed to HomeGoods in search of a piece of furniture for under our TV. If you're from the MA/CT area, have you ever gone to the HomeGoods in Vernon CT? I go there maybe once a month, but they have a ton of furniture, so it's the place to go for that kind of stuff!! We literally walked in, I looked to the left, and found the perfect piece. We needed something long because our TV is giant, not too deep or bulky, something white or off white with oil rubbed bronze hardware- so I had something pretty specific in mind. It was a HomeGoods miracle that it was literally right there.

It was also a miracle that it fit in the car because it is 70" long.  


It was not a comfortable ride home, but we made it work hahah!


When we got home, I started getting dinner ready by baking a spaghetti squash and browning some ground beef. I had a tablespoon of Nuts-n-More as a little sweet treat while I cooked. This is not health food, friends, although that's what they want you to believe.


This is how the piece looks under the TV. It's pretty perfect. We were playing/watching my new favorite songs on YouTube on the TV because they would not come on the radio today!! 


I had dinner at 4:30 and no one wanted to eat with me😂! I made spaghetti squash and topped it with sauce I made out of 93% lean ground beef, frozen chopped onions,  and Rao's marinara sauce (best macros). I put crushed red pepper on it and it was awesome. I had an big bowl of greens on the side with a dressing I made out of Koop's honey mustard, vinegar, and black peppers.


Ruby didn't even want to eat with me, she just watched from the living room ... wtf. 


Mike cleaned like a crazy person, and I chopped up some greens to pull from this week. I'm going to BJs after school tomorrow to restock, which always feels good! 


And when the sun went down, I had my casein milkshake... ahhh. PS- I make this the same way I make my pro-yo, just without the xanthan gum! 


Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was pretty perfect.  xoxo

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