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my kind of saturday

This morning was an early one, but a great one! I got up at 4am, had my coffee, showered, packed up, and headed down to my friend Alessandra's house! I ate my overnight protein oats in the car on the way there #dangerous.


From there, we headed to her gym, Gleason Performance, to train before they had a meet going on (it started at 8:30am, hence the extra early start for us!) This is also where the meet I am competing in in May is! Alessandra is competing too and I am super excited to be lifting alongside her and so many other strong ladies!!! 

She invited me to lift there with her so I could get to know the gym a little bit and just feel more comfortable there. And so we could hangout together, obviously!  


The gym is so nice, and like a powerlifter's oasis. They have so much nice equipment and it's super neat and full of inspiration. It was cool to see it set up for today's meet because that's what it will look like in just 8 weeks for us! 


My coach wrote me a pretty simple program of deadlifts, squats, pause squats, bench, and pause bench, because my real new program starts tomorrow. Yikes!! But just going to Gleason with Alessandra was cool and I'm going to join her again next month when the meet is even closer.  


After our lift, we went to breakfast and were twinning of course! Egg white veggie omelletes with no cheese, and homemade cinnamon swirl toast.... delicious! The grilled potatoes were really good too and my tired body certainly needed the carbs this morning. We are both so thankful that social media brought us together, and that we made a real life friendship out of it. I could literally talk to her for hours nonstop because we are definitely on the same wavelength ;) 


We went shopping after that, which was kind of a bust, like it usually is for girls like us (nothing fits right). But, at least we could talk about it with each other and not feel alone (thank god for summer and bikini/little fabric season coming up!) And we did get in a lot of walking as we searched the mall for something, anything, that would be flattering on us!! Somehow, someway, we ended up in Hollister with all of the other 11 year old girls, and I found an awesome sports bra!! It was the strangest thing ever but they had some other cute stuff too. What 32 year old starts shopping at Hollister?! I also got Mike more boxers at lulu, but nothing for myself, can you even believe it?


We headed back to her house, I played with her super cute pup for a few, then I headed home completely beat! We had a very eventful and productive morning.

It was time to eat again, so I stopped at Mike's work and we had lunch before coming home to just do nothing for the rest of the day/night! 


I had a PB+J as I laid on the couch and watched Hallmark movies.  


Dinner was all greens... 


And then right after dinner I had my casein pro yo with some PB2 sauce. Now we are watching The Edge of Seventeen, but I'm going to bet I'll be in bed in about 33 minutes! Lift, eat, shop, pups, strong girl friends, relax.... that's my kind of Saturday! Hope yours was great! 

strong girl sunday

finally friday!